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We recently returned from our annual visit to Germany for Intergeo. I've had a few people ask me why we go to this show. First, it's the largest show of its kind in the western world—535 exhibitors, 16,000+ attendees—but second, it's an opportunity for us to meet with technology-creators and implementors we'd never get to see in the States.
Two years ago, we were impressed that there were three UAV companies on exhibit. Last year, the number had grown to eight, but this year there were no less than 17 companies exhibiting some form of unmanned aerial sensors or software to support these devices. Privacy concerns aside, it's clear that photogrammetry will be impacted by unmanned vehicles.
And speaking of that, our European correspondent, Jan Loedeman, is gearing up to attend both SPAR Europe and ELMF. He wrote an excellent recap of last year's events for our LiDAR Magazine, which can be found HERE. Jan's had a long career in photogrammetry and is convinced that we should not assume that photogrammetry is dead, replaced by scanning.
New articles from our latest issue are below. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: A Foot in the Past, An Eye to the Future
I recently made a 2,500+ mile road trip to the 12th Annual Surveyors Rendezvous in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and CGSIC/ION in Nashville. Like bookends on a shelf, the trip was a flash back and a flash forward on the story of surveying. Ours is the generation that stands between the ...
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The Terrestrial Goes Extraterrestrial
After decades--centuries, even--the question of whether or not life forms from other galaxies occasionally visit Earth remains unanswered. For the latest attempt to unravel this age-old mystery, the National Geographic Channel assembled a team of trained investigators to visit several ....
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Gail Garabedian 
Reaching the Unreachable
California's Santa Rosa­based Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. (CPI) is known for its creative approach to tough surveying problems. Even so, the initial face-to-face encounter with the Petaluma Trestle--a 500-foot length of rotting piers in slimy river ....
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Albert  Theberge, Jr. 
The Longest Line
Among the epic projects undertaken by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey was the survey of the 39th Parallel, the first arc of triangulation to span the continent. This work was begun in 1871 and not completed for nearly thirty years. Near the western terminus of the ....
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Technology Edge Streamlines Giant Concrete Pour
The highly anticipated beachfront Seacoast Inn located near Imperial Beach, San Diego will incorporate luxury suites, a spa, restaurant and other specialized services within a traditional four-story, wood-framed structure, underground parking ....
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Product Review: NavCom LAND-PAK
Who could have known that all of those R&D dollars spent by John Deere building the automated guidance system for those massive tractors performing precision planting, harvesting, etc., would so profoundly benefit the surveying community? NavCom, while not sporting the ...
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GIS: Just a Tool: Myth #3: Getting Job Data on a Map is Too Difficult
Now that one third of the GIS System has been built it is now time to implement the rest of the system, the Mapping Engine and the Linkage. Building the Mapping Engine is going to take some exploration on the part is the GIS System developer, as the developer will have to search all ....
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Vantage Point: Something Borrowed
In all likelihood, title searches and your current record research are turning up more mentions of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) as the nominee for lenders. However, although the actual lender may have changed, a named lender may not be the institution currently holding ....
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Footsteps: Interior Board of Land Appeals—IBLA 388
This is the first Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) decision I'm reviewing in Footsteps. This 2010 decision, identified as 180 IBLA 388, involves land in Section 31 adjacent to an Indian Allotment. This is definitely one of the best boundary surveying cases I've ever reviewed, with all sorts of gems ...
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Record Title: Part 1­-Foundations
This is the first of a three part series examining Record Title which essentially was the subject of both of Curtis Brown's books (Boundary Control and Legal Principles, and Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location). Black's Law Dictionary defines Record Title as: title to real ....
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feature In addition to Intergeo, we also had the pleasure of visiting F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn in Kassel for its 250th Anniversary Celebration. I first wrote about Breithaupt 14 years ago, after hearing Tom Marshall say it was the world's oldest instrument manufacturer. On its eighth generation of family members running the company, Breithaupt is older than our country!

Prior to 1835, Breithaupt constructed a heliotrope for Carl Friedrich Gauss, who, in 1795, had become the father of the familiar bell curve and the least squares analysis without which our GNSS observations would be impossible. Gauss was working on a project to triangulate the entire kingdom of Hannover (in which Kassel lies), and needed something to aid in long-distance observations. Fred Roeder wrote a fascinating account of Gauss' life HERE.

Today, Breithaupt continues with its line-up of niche products aimed at users who want extreme reliability and ease-of-use but not so much electronics (because many of them work where there is no reliable electricity). These include geology and mining, and such things as specialized weather balloon observation instruments. Rest assured, however, that the eighth generation Breithaupt to run the company, Hans-Friedrich, is full of ideas that will capitalize on the company's strengths and reputation for "Fein Mechanik" and move forward into camera-based measuring systems, or the marriage of opto-mechanical with digital photography.

And for sure, you can expect a article about the company in an upcoming issue. Meanwhile, the images we took are HERE. And the image above is Breithaupt's Universal Instrument, invented around 1876, this one built in 1922.

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3D Planning Getting Easier and Easier
Aerial Surveys International Upgrades to New Optech Orion H300 ALTM
Nonresidential Fixed Investment GDP Falls 4.4 Percent in the Third Quarter
Digital El Camino Real de California Goes Live at Old Mission Dolores
Maptek Eureka Helps Geologists Solve the Exploration Puzzle
Bluesky Launches National Tree Map
Lincoln County, New Mexico, Modernizes Land Records with Esri Technology
New App Brings Arlington National Cemetery Closer to the Public
LiDAR Services Bolsters Marcom Staff With Addition of Industry Veteran
AVEVA and Trimble Partner to Provide Efficient 3D Scanning Integration
New Altus GNSS Survey Receiver Provides Real-Time Global Decimeter-Level Positioning Accuracy Without a Reference Station
The Newest Android-powered Mobile Survey GIS SuperSurv 3.1
New Leica CS25 GNSS – A Unique Tablet Computer with Integrated GNSS for Any Asset Collection & Management Task
Leica Geosystems SmartNet Adjusted to National Spatial Reference System
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