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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. In this tough economy, I know it's hard to be upbeat, but we do have much to be thankful for in our country. And in the American tradition, we always look for a brighter day.
As you're reading this, the ELMF (European LiDAR Mapping Forum) is under way in Salzburg, Austria. It's safe to say that the majority of our readers will never make it to this event. However, developments at these meetings are important because they shine a light on where measurement technology is headed. We have a representative at the show and will have a recap for you in a future issue of LiDAR Magazine.
Interestingly, the opening keynote, from Alexander Wiegert (Vexcel Imaging), titled 3D Imagery: Can Photogrammetry Do It Better?, highlighted the imaging field, what photogrammetry is now part of. This is interesting because we noticed a surge in the amount of high-end "camera" companies at Intergeo this year. A panel discussion also underlined the fact that open-sourced LiDAR data and point-cloud services are gaining in importance. These breakthroughs will affect land surveying sooner rather than later, and represent a business opportunity.
If you're the up-close and personal type, the stateside version of ELMF, better known as ILMF (International LiDAR Mapping Forum), takes place in Denver from January 23rd-25th. Also of interest is Riegl's inaugural "LiDAR 2012 user conference," slated for Feb 28th to March 1st in Orlando. As I've said before, the more you can learn during down time, the better. Even if you can't purchase a scanner, or advanced imaging system, those that stay abreast of the myriad measurement and positioning technology advancements will develop a vision beyond that of their competition.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Polarization
The ninth meeting of the Space-Based Positioning Navigation and Timing advisory board, held in Alexandria VA on November 9, 2011 was widely anticipated as a "showdown" between the anti- and pro-LightSquared forces. While the meeting scored points for both sides, it left ....
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Voyage of the Koo Koo Sint & Paddle Song
In 1811, David Thompson, surveyor and fur trader for the North West Company reached the Pacific Ocean, adding the Columbia River as the final leg of the Fur Trade Highway from Hudson's Bay and Montreal to the Pacific Ocean and becoming the ....
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Rendezvous 2011—Altered Contours
From sometime around 1000 BC through 500 AD, natives piled great quantities of dirt into all shapes and configurations within the valley of the great river. What was the purpose of these mounds of fill shaped over fifteen hundred years in the ....
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Vantage Point: A Homeowner's Setback
Minnesota's Supreme Court recently struck down earlier decisions favoring a homeowner's complaint against the local city for errors related to the homeowner's shed. While Dr. Rajbir Sarpal and his wife Dr. Carol Sarpal had prevailed in the district and appellate courts, this May 2011 opinion ...
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Footsteps: Finding the Courage to Say "No"
My father died in May. He was 52. The loss of someone close to you, especially your father, forces you to examine your life. You ask, "Am I following the moral principles that I was raised with, even when I'm under pressure to compromise?" This loss in my life and three recent situations ...
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Conference Review: CGSIC and ION 2011—GPS-Greater than the Sum of its Parts
The 51st Meeting of the CGSIC and the ION GNSS 2011 was held September 19-23, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. I can think of no better combination of conferences that serves to illustrate (to paraphrase Aristotle) how the ...
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Data Mine—From Limestone Mine to National Archives Storage
Imagine you are charged with this task: Accurately survey the interior of a limestone mine cut into the base of a bluff­a cave with vast expanses, irregular surfaces and no light. Collect ....
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A Colonial Surveyor in President Jefferson's Public Lands
My apologies to Mark Twain, as in parts of my journey to obtain CFedS Certification I felt like the Connecticut Yankee, in King Arthur's Court, but in reverse. That is, I was the learner and my predecessors were the teachers. Also, my appreciation for American Surveyor Magazine's motto "A Foot ....
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International LiDAR Mapping Forum

Long established as the premier LiDAR event, ILMF focuses on airborne and bathymetric LiDAR with a particular emphasis on mobile mapping systems.

International LiDAR Mapping Forum [ILMF]
23–25 January 2012
Denver, CO, USA


feature We wrapping up our final issue of the year. The cover feature is a cool story about monitoring for a giant subway project in the D.C. area. We spent time on AND under the job-site, alongside tunnel-boring machines. The image at right is from another in our continuing series of stories from the folks at CyArk, this time about ancient structures in Hawai'i. The next issue of LiDAR Magazine will also contain a story from CyArk about their efforts in India.

Also of note is an article written by Dr. Javad Ashjaee about his role in bringing GLONASS to the precise community. Early on, mostly because of few satellites, GLONASS was pooh-poohed by some, but we can see today that RTK works better because of it. Russia just launched one of its next-gen M satellites.

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Dewberry Named Esri Gold Tier Partner
New Mid-Range I-Site Laser Scanner From Mining Tech Developer Maptek
All-New Lidar Rectification Software for the Lynx Mobile Mapper
GLONASS Navigation System Beefed Up With Launch of M Satellite
The North American Land Surveyors & 2001 David Thompson Columbia Brigade
Topcon Announces SurveyMaster v1.3.2 and SiteMaster 9.2.1 Service Packs
3M Offers Simple Formula for Compliance to Newly Updated MUTCD Regulation
Midland GIS Solutions Sewer Analyst Featured on Esri Live User Sites
Blom Transforms Aerial Imaging Services with New Dual Capture Tools
Leica Geosystems’ PowerDigger 3D GPS System Enables Contractor To See Excavation Work Underwater
LAS 1.4 Specification Approved by ASPRS Board
Altus Positioning Systems Signs New Distributor
Geographic and Land Information Society Board Votes for GLIS to Continue as a Separate Organization
Blue Marble Geographics Software is Now Available Through GSA Advantage for Federal Customers
SAM, Inc. Establishes New Subsidiary to Perform Construction Services
Merrick & Company Names David G. Huelskamp as President
Critical Contributions from GeoEye Provide Geospatial Insight and Emergency Response for Hurricane Irene
LightSquared’s Winding Journey to Seek a Dramatic Change in Spectrum Use Approaches One-Year Anniversary
Pacific Crest Introduces New Advanced Data Link for Field Communications
Real-World 3D Scanning Demonstrations Fascinate SPAR Europe Attendees
Grittner Joins Topcon California as Pacific Islands Area Manager
Intergraph Promotes LiDAR Data Management and Exploitation for State & Local Government
Action Update on Unified Geospatial Organization
FARO Focus3D Named as a Best New Innovation by Popular Science Magazine
Topcon and DynaRoad Announce Release of Planning Software
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    Did-U-Know Glenn Letham at our sister site has compiled a state-by-state list of free imagery HERE

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