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Our latest edition is in the mail and in response to reader requests, it's full of not only boundary surveying articles, but also articles about the future of surveying as well. Leading the Hit Parade so far is Martin Gutoski's excellent article about an Alaska ghost town.
You might remember Martin's Icehenge article back in our July 2008 issue. A group of people got together and created a replica of ice! Martin also wrote in our Vol8 No3 issue about the cool Wienhenge sundial he built.
Also of interest in the new issue is a comprehensive two-part review of tree law as it affects surveyors. Rounding out the issue is another Jerry Penry article, this time about a group of explorers who some feel might have preceeded Lewis and Clark. Please scroll down to see the rest of the line-up.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The Winds of Change
Courtesy of Mike Pallamary, two new columns appear this month. The Curt Brown Chronicles will be excerpts from a book that collects Brown's extensive writings. Pallamary's new column, Angle Points, reinforces the critical need for us to reinvent our profession. In an upcoming Chronicles ...
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Martin Gutoski, PS 
Where is Chena?—The Search for a Lost Gold Rush Town
How do you find an Alaska ghost town which thrived over 100 years ago but was abandoned before the U.S. Government Land Office (GLO) approved the survey plat? That was my dilemma as a surveyor for the local municipality in Fairbanks, Alaska ....
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C. Barton Crattie, LS, CFM 
The Surveyor & the Tree—Part One
In the first installment of this two part article, we will investigate the two principal distinctions found in tree law and how they would apply to your client's particular situation. The second part will deal with different ramifications of tree ownership. When is a tree not a tree? It could be ....
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Jerry Penry, PS 
The Vérendrye Plate
The field stones that once formed a conspicuous pyramid upon a high hill overlooking the Missouri River were likely scattered on September 25, 1804, when Lewis & Clark made their way through what is now central South Dakota. That evening, the ....
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Chad R. Erickson, PS 
Einstein on Surveying—The Seasoned Surveyor's Lament
Albert Einstein wrote at the age of seventeen, "A happy man is too satisfied with the present to think too much about the future." Considering the present state of the land boundary survey profession, please accept me as a poor surrogate for Einstein's unhappy man. After graduating with a ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
The Curt Brown Chronicles—Curtis M. Brown, Land Surveyor
It is with distinct pleasure that I am able to share excerpts from The Curt Brown Chronicles with the readers of The American Surveyor magazine. Owing to my relationship with Curt, he bequeathed to me his lectures and journal writings. These collective works are available in the full treatise ...
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Landon Blake, PS 
Footsteps: Limitations and Benefits of Court Case Review
We regularly review court decisions related to boundary surveying, land development, and land planning in Footsteps. I will often receive comments from readers about these articles. (The comments are typically forwarded to me by Marc Cheves, the magazine's editor.) The comments are usually ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: Zoning: Taking Sides
Aside from the intrigue of what could possibly trigger million-dollar-plus awards, land use and zoning cases are interesting because of the variety of arguments presented for and against particular projects and developments, many of which can inform surveyors of possible scenarios we may face ....
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Gene Roe, PS, PE, PhD 
Conference Review: Trimble Dimensions 2012
This was my first Trimble Dimensions and it was a real eye opener. After all these years of seeing Trimble from afar I had developed a number of impressions of what I thought they were. Throughout the conference, beginning with the opening keynote, one by one those myths were ....
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I just read your article about the IBLA2010-152 Hillstrom. I can't say I would disagree with what you wrote. I initially disagreed with Rudy Hillstrom for about 3 months telling the BLM survey was correct. I originally started working for Mr. Hillstrom preparing a Boundary Line Adjustment along ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Angle Points: Who Are You?
Who are you? What do you do? How often are you confronted with these questions? Better yet, how about the answers? "You're the guy who looks through the telescope thingy," or, my favorite, "My cousin is a landscaper." How often does this happen to a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant ....
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feature As I mentioned in the last newsletter, our new issue contains a bit of controversy. You can read all about it by scrolling up to my latest editorial. As I say, it is not our intention to attack anyone personally, but rather to bring poor practices and decisions to light and encourage folks to do what is right.

The situation in San Diego continues to generate controversy. Interestingly, more than one City of San Diego employee has cancelled their subscription to the magazine. But again, the wanton destruction of the monuments upon which the land fabric of our society exists is simply unacceptable.

The most controversial articles in the new issue are the two about the IBLA and the BLM (Einstein and FeedBack). As I say in my editorial, "...over the decades there have also been instances where the BLM has "upset the neighborhood" by ignoring long-held corners, despite the fact that we operate under the assumption that the original corner has no error in position."

It goes without saying that surveyors depend on monuments, and so does society. Our society also depends on the rule of law, which in my opinion in both these situations, is being flouted. Please read these articles and if you have a comment, feel free to chime in. We welcome comments from both sides and promise to publish all viewpoints.

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New Educational Movies on Laser Scanning Available on YouTube - Produced by Leica Geosystems
The Atlantic Groups Buys Leica ALS70-HP LiDAR for Wide-Area Mapping
Carlson Announces 30th Anniversary User Conference
Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. Adds Second LiDAR System
Surveyors to Mark Charles Mason’s Grave in Philadelphia . . . with Real Mason-Dixon Stone
Powerful RapidStation Photogrammetric Software Suite Released
Hexagon Strengthens Software Portfolio with Acquisition of Listech
Use Your iPad or iPhone for Stakeout
Wade Trim Wins Engineering Excellence Award
Carlson Machine Control Now Available in Australia Through Position Partners
Makai Ocean Engineering Releases New 4D/5D Visualization Software
Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 Turns One Year Old at HYPACK User Conference
Construction Confidence Dips in Second Half of 2012
Hexagon to Acquire Russia’s NAVGEOCOM
Educational Poster on "How GPS Works"
Joint United Kingdom-United States Statement Regarding Global Positioning System (GPS) Intellectual Property
Bowman Consulting Acquires Austin-Based Loomis Partners
RIEGL USA to Attend 2013 MAPPS Winter Conference
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