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Our September issue is distributing with more great content for surveyors. Kicking off the new issue is an article that first appeared in the Oregon Society's publication. I have also written my editorial about the subject. Question: Are we really interested in our footsteps?

As I write this issue's intro, my brother and his extended family in Houston are enduring Hurricane Harvey. 50 inches of rain in a week is what Houston normally receives in a year! See the pic below for one example of the inundation. Please keep the folks in this region in your thoughts and prayers. The cleanup is going to require support from our entire country.

View the complete new issue by clicking on the cover to the right, or scroll down for the individual articles. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have a story you'd like to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Marc Cheves, PS 
Editorial: Narratives
No, not the kind that fills our news nowadays. The kind I believe surveyors should be preparing. In this issue, Carl Clinton, a former county surveyor in Oregon, makes an eloquent case for why we should be leaving a written record of our surveys. Like Carl, I have long felt that narratives ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
Decided Guidance: Case Examinations Frosher v. Fuchs
I did a websearch for Froscher v. Fuchs and came up with a page created by a land surveyor in New Port Richey, Florida. Gregory A. Shimp, PSM has been duly nominated for the 2017 Decided Guidance "No Bell" Peace Prize for doing something constructive with the Internet. Thanks, Greg for ....
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Carl Clinton, PS 
Writing a Good Narrative - The Land Surveyor's Time Machine
On many occasions I have wished for a crystal ball or a time machine to go back and visit an original surveyor to find out why he made a particular decision on a corner or a boundary. How many of us at one time or another has had occasion ....
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Fulvio Bernardini 
A Well-Planned Success
After several years in Canada working as a consultant in the world of finance, Guillaume Boyi returned to his roots: in 2012 he joined Boyi Geometre, the 30-year-old surveying business founded by his father, Frangois Boyi in Branne, France. Although ....
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Patrick C. Garner, PS 
Product Review: JAVAD Triumph-LS Rover - Part 2
In the last issue of American Surveyor, I looked at the background of JAVAD GNSS, the maker of the Triumph-LS, an RTK/RTN rover. That installment examined the design assumptions in this unique GNSS receiver and its impressive technical specifications. But all that technology means ....
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Will Tompkinson 
Polaris Shows the Way with Terrestrial Laser Scanner Design
The terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) market has evolved rapidly, and today's laser scanning practitioner has an abundance of TLS systems to choose from. Trade-offs between system specifications has led to TLS market fragmentation by application ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself 44: The Medians are the Message
Find the area and the sides of triangle ABC, given its medians d, e, and f ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: What's in a Name?
During introductions under social circumstances and asked what I do for a living, I say, "I am a surveyor." In four states, that also means licensed professional land surveyor, but in terms of what I do, it is surveying. Based on the turmoil in Oregon recently, though, I am wondering how to ....
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SITECO launches the new application WEB Laser Mapping Viewer

The new application solves the issue of distributing and deploying the data surveyed with the MMS through the web.

Users can view point clouds and spherical images, select, filter and download the laser mapping data, take measurements and add notes. All this through a smart user interface and using their favorite browser. Visit our website for more details.


feature I have to share this pic, sent to me by my nephew. Taken close to downtown Houston, it shows the effect of Hurricane Harvey. Some will claim that the 500 and even the 1,000 year flood scale has been broken due to more violent storms. We're gonna need a 5,000 year flood! Or maybe even a 10,000! Of course, we'll have to manufacture records to support the new criteria.

Elsewhere in the new issue are three articles about the technology we use. As always, productivity gains will be necessary to address what I believe is a coming boom in construction. We are already seeing growth from pent-up demand, and companies are reporting that they are having trouble finding qualified help. Some say surveying is dead, I say not. Even though the way the work is done is changing—both with what and by whom—developers are always going to need location assistance and assurance.

I would like to draw special attention to Wendy Lathrop's installment about an Oregon unlicensed engineer who was ridiculously hauled before the Oregon Board for identifying himself as an engineer. In today's world, where anybody can identify themselves as anything they want, it took a lawsuit to force the Board to back off. And speaking of Boards, due to a legal process which is still slowly working itself out, one of our popular writers has been enjoined from writing about his experiences with another Board. Rest assured, that time will come.

Visit INTERGEO: Berlin, September 26-28

Once again in 2017, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land managements hot topics will highlight ground-breaking developments and projects in a dynamic geo-IT sector.

At last years fair, more than 17,000 visitors discovered the latest innovations from 531 companies from 37 different countries. And the community is continuing to grow!


Topcon Announces Opening of Kitakyushu Training Center
USIBD and Spatial Media Announce Cooperation
Referral List Online for Level of Accuracy Specification V.2.0
Transport Canada Adds Multiple Sensefly Drones
CCLD Takes Delivery of the RIEGL VUX-SYS
New! TopoDOT for Esri
Pointfuse V3 Point Cloud Software Announced
INTERGEO—Where the Future is Within Your Grasp!
Blue Marble Announces Global Mapper Certification Classes
TerraGo Adds Topcon GNSS Receiver Integration
Trimble Creates Two New Divisions for Transportation
GeoSLAM Predictions for Digital Future of Engineering
Construction Input Prices Plod Higher, Energy Prices Down
Two Milestones Achieved with eRecording Availability
Alberta Registers 1,000th Land Surveyor
Skyline Software Systems Releases PhotoMesh 7.2
TerraGo and Laser Technology Partner
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