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Our April issue is distributing and it contains more great content for practicing surveyors. Our lead cover feature is about the interesting use of scanning to produce models of trees, and from that an ingenious use of whole treees.

And speaking of models, an article from Trimble's Ron Bisio details the latest developments in automation. When scanning began back around 2000, it was common to spend 40 hours in the office for one hour in the field. My, how things have changed. The Holy Grail for modeling is a button push that creates a useable 3D model out of a point cloud. More about the new issue in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue click on the magazine cover, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Thought Leader: Facts are Facts
One of the strangest issues to appear during this very strange political season is the concept of alternative facts. Pundits and commentators have had fun with this one and reputations have been permanently affected. I am inclined to give the author of this term a little slack. I expect that what ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
Decided Guidance: Some Case Law, and an Old Friend from Michigan ...
Salmon are a pretty big deal in Alaska and the tourists are immediately schooled on the different names. There's a sort of hand jive memory aid that goes along with the ritual. Well, as of August 29, 2014, the folks of Alaska can add some decided guidance to the tourist fun fact list. Yes, despite ....
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Mitch Caya 
Whole Trees
The benefit of a low-cost, light-weight sensor like the Optech Maverick is its flexibility. The Maverick can profitably handle small projects while more expensive sensors usually stick to large-scale surveys. These smaller jobs are often particularly unique ....
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Ron Bisio 
Automated Modeling - Smart, Fast, Flexible
In 2000, a 3D laser scanner could collect roughly 1,000 points per second. Today, scanners can capture more than one million points per second with up to 1mm precision. This thousand-fold increase in measuring speed is a technological advancement that ....
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Gregory J. Aten, PS 
Bona Fide Rights at the Bridge to Nowhere
In the upper reaches of the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, 4 1/2 miles from the nearest road, sits a highway bridge over a deep span of the river. It is just south of the steepest river gorge in Southern California, called the Narrows. It is the Bridge to ....
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In Memoriam: The Most Excellent Life of Charles "Charlie" Glover
What better place to start than with a quote from the man himself: "I am Charles Covey Glover. Dr. James S. Covey delivered me as a baby on April 10, 1936 in Columbia, Tennessee. My mother was Lena Mae (Rose) Glover. My father was James Paul Glover. My mother gave me my middle name ....
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Dr. Richard L. Elgin, PS, PE 
Test Yourself: Find the Area
Find the area of figure ABCD. At B and C, the lines are tangent to the circular curve with arc BC. Arc BC is subtended by an angle of exactly 630 at radius point X ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: Being a Good 3-D Neighbor
Ownership of land runs to the highest point in the heavens to the center of the earth--or so we are generally informed as we surveyors begin our studies of real property characteristics. However, that vast expanse of ownership does not equate to full possession when it comes to such things ....
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feature Having worked in similar rough terrain back in the 1970s, but farther north in California, I was keenly interested in BLM cadastral surveyor Greg Aten's excellent article about the dependent resurvey at the Bridge to Nowhere (image right). I winced when I saw the unused iconic California bridge (think of the beautiful Hwy 1 bridges along the coast), but plans change. When I worked for the USFS in Six Rivers National Forest, we were surveying on the Gasquet-Orleans Road, a massive ridgetop project to aid in timber extraction. Opposed by Native Americans and environmentalists, the road runs north from Orleans and south from Gasquet, but more than 40 years later, the middle never has been connected.

Elsewhere in the new issue is an obituary of Charlie Glover, written by several surveyors who knew him. I had the privilege of meeting him during the search for the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol mentioned in the article. We were searching for a legendary silver plate supposedly placed on top of the cornerstone when it was laid by the Masons. As it turned out, Charlie had the survey well in hand and my services were not needed, but it was fun roaming the empty halls after midnight on a personal tour with the Engineer of the Capitol. Something not mentioned in the article, but for which there is a picture in the article, was the survey of the top of the Capitol. The statue on the top was being removed for renovation, and the usual local super-surveyors, including Charlie and Alan Dragoo, were called upon to get a precise geodetic location.

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Trimble Incorporates Galileo Support in GNSS Infrastructure Software
NSPS Installs New Officers for 2017
NSPS Student Competition Results
TCarta Marine, DHI and DigitalGlobe to Unveil Bathymetric Data Portal
uGRIDD Releases Scan2Map
Introducing Polaris—Next-Generation Terrestrial Laser Scanner
SimActive and Tianlifa Launch Integrated UAV Solution
SBG Systems Announces Ekinox Series Inertial Sensors
Woolpert Earns Google Cloud 2016 Award, Maps Customer Success
GEO Business 2017 Launch Workshop Program
SPAR 3D Expo and AEC Science & Technology event to Co-locate
Launch of INTERGEO 2017: Topics That Get the Geo-IT Noticed
Global Mapper SDK and LiDAR Module SDK v18.1 Released
UK's Bluesky Acquires U.S. Aerial Survey Company Col-East
Woolpert Adds 4 UAS Pilots to Growing Fleet, Expands Applications
Drone Heroes Take Europe by Storm!
Woolpert Geospatial Scientist Named ASPRS Fellow
Pythagoras 15 Officially Released
Construction Input Prices Expand for Third Straight Month, ABC Says
Black Swift Technologies Performs Extreme Altitude Mapping Test
Orbit GT and LiDAR USA Upgrade ScanLook and Snoopy Interoperability
Trimble and Ordnance Survey Collaborate to Aid Innovation
Construction Job Growth Surges in February, ABC Says
Hemisphere GNSS Debuts A326 Rugged GNSS Smart Antenna
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