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Happy Leap Day! After being out last week to attend the first FARO North American user conference in Orlando, I'm back in the saddle, hard at work on the next issue of The American Surveyor, LiDAR Magazine and Machine Control Magazine. I discuss the FARO conference in more detail below in the Spotlight.
You should have received the latest issue of the magazine by now, and I hope you are enjoying it. My article about Leica NAFTA President Ken Mooyman is still leading the Hit Parade on our website. Close behind are the final installment of our popular RTN-101 series and the Nashville BIM/scanning article.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The 3D Train
The winds of change continue to blow, and blow they did in Denver. At the January 2012 International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) we proudly launched our latest venture, LiDAR Magazine, the only contemporary geo-publication dedicated solely to LiDAR technology. ILMF, now in its 12th year ....
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BIM Gets a Boost
The 1.2 million-square-foot Music City Center in Nashville will have plenty of design features and spaces for visitors to talk about when it is scheduled to open in February 2013: The multifunction exhibit hall covers 350,000 square feet ....
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Knowledge is Not Enough—Interview With Ken Mooyman
Forget about the bears. Beware of the mating geese. These were the solemn words Ken Mooyman, President of Leica Geosystems NAFTA, heard 30 years ago the first time he was dropped off by a helicopter in the wilds of Northern Quebec for a three ....
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Frames for the Future: New Datum Definitions for Modernization of the U.S. NSRS (1 of 4)
In 2008, the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) released its 10-Year Plan (NGS, 2008). In that plan, NGS describes the replacement of the two national datums currently in use. These are the horizontal datum (the North ....
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RTN-­101 (Part 16): A Decade of RTN
Has it really been ten years? Did RTNs really catch on? Does this RTN thing really work? In answer to all three questions, yes! Network corrected real-time high precision GNSS for surveying (and a great many other uses) has endured for its first ...
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Footsteps: United States v. Milner
The 2009 case of United States v. Milner demonstrates important common law principles related to tidal boundaries. It also offers interesting insights into the law and the balance courts try to strike in deciding the law. The struggle for balance as it relates to private property rights and the ...
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Vantage Point: Operating Wirelessly
Carl Nelson is a lot like many of us, hooked to his electronics and living efficiently by multi-tasking. Unfortunately for him, he got caught at it. On December 28, 2009, Mr. Nelson was ticketed by a police officer in Richmond, California for infraction of state law that prohibits use of a wireless ...
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Canoes and Saying No: I have just read the latest issue of The American Surveyor magazine and have the following comments. 1) Denny and Delores DeMeyer's article "Voyage of the Koo Koo Sint & Paddle Song" is incorrect in the statement that David Thompson was the first person to survey ....
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feature The FARO user conference was excellent, in part because of the outstanding line-up of speakers. With nearly 300 attendees (more than expected), the first annual event was an unqualified success. And as for the success of FARO's Focus 3D scanner, I learned that there had been a six-month delay in delivery of units. I asked Bernd Becker (whom I wrote about in 2004) about the delay and he explained that orders were much greater than anticipated. Not a bad thing in my opinion! The chart at right shows a graphical representation of FARO's scanner sales sans numbers, and as you can see, the Focus 3D has done quite well.

Of particular note in the presentations was one on 3D Printing by Abe Reichental from 3D systems. This technology is rapidly dropping in price, is being used in primary schools, and is attracting both boys and girls. Also of note was a keynote by Tom Kurke of Geomagic on intellectual property. It seems that, in some cases, scanners need to obtain permission before scanning. Takeaways were: 1) ask questions (who, if anybody, owns the copyright? Buildings built after 1990 are copyrightable), 2) if possible, transfer liability, 3) double check before scanning scenes in which sculpture or art appears. The operative word: CYA.

To give you an example of the types of attendees, I sat in on a Forensic session. The presenter asked the audience how many of them were already involved in using scanning for forensics. Nobody raised their hand. Next he asked how many were invovled in prosecution. Again, nobody raised their hand. This told me that the audience was composed of scanners who were looking to expand their offerings by branching out into accident and crime scene investigation. My point is that people are getting into scanning and are looking at ways to do more.

And as I've been saying for years, it's not enough to just buy technology. You need the right people and a top-down commitment to finding ways to make money with technology. With land development in the toilet, it's incumbent on surveyors to find other ways to make money, and scanning is certainly one of those ways. There were many more great sessions, so I'll write a complete report about the conference for a future issue of LiDAR Magazine.

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AVEVA Boosts Focus on Nuclear with New Office in Charlotte, NC
Letter from Javad Ashjaee to the FCC
References for Four-Part Series: Frames for the Future: New Datum Definitions for Modernization of the U.S. NSRS
SITECH Technology Dealer Established in Ohio and Slovakia for Heavy Civil Construction Contractors
Geneq Introduces Affordable, Rugged Handheld Computer
Aerial Imaging Incorporated Purchases UltraCamXp
AeroMetric’s DMC Upgrades Boost Performance
Topcon Introduces the PN-A5 GNSS Antenna
Altus Introduces Versatile Multi-Sensor GPS Data Acquisition Package for Seismic Industry
Esri and GeoEye Developing Global Crisis Response Service
AVEVA Extends Training Programmes to Brazilian Universities in Pará and Pernambuco
Juniper Systems Introduces the Mesa for Hazardous Locations with Class I, Division 2 Certification
Optech Announces Keynote Speaker for 6th International Terrestrial Laser Scanning User Meeting
LizardTech Exhibits at Esri Federal GIS Conference and Reflects on 20 Years in Business
3D Laser Mapping Announce LiDAR Workshop Series
AVEVA Expands in Korea
Blue Marble Geographics to Feature Global Mapper Software at the 2012 AAG Conference
Hemisphere GPS and Carlson Software Establish Strategic Alliance
Zebra Imaging Announces 3D Geospatial Challenge
Danish Government Launches Nation-Wide Sea-Level Rise Flooding Tool Based on SCALGO Computations
Construction Materials Prices Increase 0.4 Percent in January
CHC Navigation Announces New North American Sales Manager
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