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Summer's almost over, Hurricane Isaac is threatening, and nothing has changed on the political front. The Associated Builders & Contractors says we're approaching a fiscal cliff. I suspect the American people just want it to all be over so we can get a feel for where the economy is headed.
Our latest issue tracking well on the website, with Stephen Blaskey's GIS column leading the Hit Parade. Close behind is Mike Pallamary's San Diego story. Mike's an interesting guy, having run a successful surveying business, but nowadays concentrating on being an expert witness. He has an opinion on just about everything, and we are pleased to announce that he will become a contributing writer for the magazine.
Worth mentioning is Don Talend's article about cloud computing. Anybody that's been surveying for any length of time has seen technology radically re-shape our industry. I have no doubt that Dick Tracy-style postioning bracelets are in our future. Not sure how we'll transfer a wrist position to an actual point on the ground, but for sure, I believe the data will be stored in the cloud.
You can scroll down, to see the rest of the articles, and as always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The Survey Summit
The Esri/ACSM Survey Summit was excellent as always. Attendance was down, but attendees came away with more ways to improve their work processes. Brent Jones made opening remarks and listed the challenges facing the mapping industry: less mapping, faster delivery ...
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NSPS Surveying USA at Worland, Wyoming
The front page of the Saturday, March 19, 2011, edition of the Northern Wyoming Daily News contained an article informing readers thusly: Local Surveyors to check GPS systems today... Beginning at 11 a.m. local surveyors Stanton Abell, of Worland, and Rick Hudson, of ....
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The Last Tower Standing—Taking Down The Louisiana Bilby
In late April and early May of this year, the nets were buzzing with chatter from AAGS members (American Association of Geodetic Surveyors), folks formerly employed by either the Coast and Geodetic Survey or the National Geodetic Survey ....
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The Deadwood Datum
When the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) began their topographic mapping program in the 1880's, one of the early problems they faced was the lack of precision horizontal and vertical monuments in the areas to be surveyed ....
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Footsteps: The New Packing Shed
A few months ago I became aware of a land development debacle in the area where I practice. I believe it is a great example of the benefits that come from having a land surveyor involved throughout the life of a land development project. It also illustrates the type of problems that ...
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Beyond the Boundary: Working With the Lending Industry
A lender is much like a physician. A physician uses many pieces of evidence, including physical symptoms, verbal accounts from the patient, and sophisticated tests that reveal the inner workings of the body, to diagnose and treat a patient's ailments. Only after evaluating the complete ...
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A Reckless Path of Destruction
In 1985, in response to a large number of complaints, the California Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors notified all state and municipal Land Surveyors and City Engineers that the paving over and destruction ...
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The Future's 'Cloudy' (and that's a good thing)
One industry that is characterized by continuous improvement is information technology. An IT innovation for business that has begun to penetrate the mainstream of business activity is enterprise cloud computing, which utilizes groups of computers in various locations that aggregate data storage ....
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GIS—Just a Tool: Myth #1: GIS Costs Too Much Money to Get Into
Before dispelling this myth, we need to have a discussion of what makes up a robust GIS system. There are three parts: a database, a mapping engine, and finally a linkage. Each of these three parts is vital to making a GIS a viable solution for the needs of a land surveying business. And ....
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Vantage Point: The Navigational Brain
From when I was about five to about 8 years old, my dad would lead my mother and me out to our tuna boat-sized 1950s automobile at least one Sunday a month for long drives out in the countryside. My father was always the one to drive, partly because he liked to drive and also ....
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feature We're hard at work on our next issue. The lead cover feature will be a follow-up to the article I wrote about Military Surveying in our Vol 8 No 5 issue. Pictured at right is the family of surveyors in the article; Mike Besch, Ann Besch and SFC Bob Salladay. When I wrote the article, the Ohio National Guard unit I discussed was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. It did, and after performing all manner of surveying and mapping to support engineering projects for the past year, is scheduled to return shortly. Our hats are off to these warriors who have stepped up to put themselves in harm's way to help the Afghanistan people.

In a marked departure from arid Afghanistan, the next issue seems to be all about water: a recap of the new Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012—written by Bart Crattie and Wendy Lathrop—and its effect on surveyors; an article about positioning used for last year's devastating floods in Australia; and hydrographic surveying in Minnesota. Rounding out the issue will be Gene Roe's recap of the Hexagon user conference, and columns from Stephen Blaskey and Jim Nadeau. Even if I do say so myself, it'll be another great issue!
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AVEVA World North America User Conference Opens Registration
Optech Announces New Airborne Lidar Sensor: Orion H300—High Density at High Altitude and in Real Time!
Leica Geosystems Upgrades and Expands SmartNet RTK Network in California
Applanix Introduces its New POS AV 310 and POSTrack 310 GNSS
Keystone Aerial Surveys Adds an UltraCam Digital Sensor to the SW US
Carlson Survey Embedded AutoCAD comes with AutoCAD 2013 Built In
First-Ever Augmented Reality Mobile Tour of the Antietam Battlefield
Geneq Introduces a Palm-sized, GPS/GLONASS RTK Receiver
New Book: The Adventures of Surveyor Bill
Archaeological Laser Scanning Project Commended for Innovation
Topcon PS Built for Powerful Prism Tracking, Fast EDM
Professor Marc Pollefeys to Deliver Keynote at SPAR Europe 2012
Construction Confidence Wanes as Nation Approaches Fiscal Cliff
RETTEW Expands to the West
JAVAD GNSS to Present "All About GNSS Interferences and Jammers" at ION
New High-Accuracy RTK system – Topcon HiPer SR – Tough and Affordable
MAPPS/ASPRS Announce Preliminary Program for Joint Specialty Conference
Vallejo Named Senior VP of Operations for Topcon Positioning Systems
MicroSurvey Announces MicroSurvey CAD 2013
Topcon Launches TopNET Live Website
Corvallis Microtechnology Releases Distance-Area app for iOS Devices
Ten Questions to Help You Check the Vital Signs of Your Client Relationships
Construction Backlog Bounces Back in Second Quarter of 2012
Midland GIS Solutions Establishes New Partnership with Farmington, MO
INTERGEO 2012: 3D Urban Models Optimise Tasks, New Applications Possible
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    E-Magazine - Volume 9, Number 6, 2012
    • Shifting Sands  • Plane Table Surveyor  • Graves of Tarawa  • The Survey Association  • Just a Tool  • IS-3   • Tarin vs. Sniezek  • Rural Electric Co-Op  • Shifting Sands  • New Strategies...and more!
    E-Magazine - Volume 9, Number 5, 2012
    • Oil & Gas Surveying • Standing the Test of Time—John Keating and Topographic, Inc. • Pacific Railroad Crazy • Unwritten Easements • Smart Vent: Safety and Service • How Wide is the Right of Way on a County Road? • Determining Property Corner History...and more!

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