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Our latest issue is in the mail. Well-rounded in content, this issue has something for everyone. Leading the Hit Parade so far is Larry Trojak's article about PGA's use of lasers and GNSS to precisley position golf balls during tournaments. I was amazed at how many statistics the ShotLink system is able to derive from a simple z, y and z.
Closely behind is Terri Turner's exhaustive explanation of flood vents. This is vital info for those of you who are doing Elevation Certificates. Remember, those that consume these certificates are looking to surveyors for expertise. Also useful to those of you who are involved in flood mapping is Wendy Lathrop's free webinar tomorrow. There's still time to register for "Rebuilding After Sandy: Surveying the Aftermath (May 29th, 1pm EST) here.
Also popular is Mary Jo Wagner's article about the use of unmanned aerial sensors in the UK. Since these devices can't even be flown in the U.S. yet, it might seem goofy even discussing them, but as with all geo-technologies, the ones who wait to get up to speed will find themselves with more competiton. And anybody who has ever used in-the-plane photogrammetry will appreciate the impact these sensors will have on our industry.
You can scroll down to see the rest of the new articles, and if you'd like to get more of my thoughts about the new issue, you can read my editorial. And as always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: More Various & Sundry
Responding to reader requests for more articles on boundary surveying and legal aspects, this issue has plenty. In addition to a great case review from Landon Blake and another "voice from the past" installment from Curt Brown, Wendy Lathrop details a recent Supreme Court case regarding private ....
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PGA TOUR Looks Skyward for Improvements to its ShotLink System
Because the basics of golf--hitting a small ball a long distance into a small cup--have not changed since its accepted genesis in 15th century Scotland, the game seems timeless. But ....
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Launching a New Surveying Perspective
It used to be that Rodolphe Jobard would assemble and fly remote-controlled airplanes in his spare time. Now, he is actually paid to do it. Jobard, a professional engineer with EDF Energy, can routinely be seen walking to the center of a massive ....
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The Missouri River Commission Survey
On July 5, 1884, the United States Congress created the Missouri River Commission. The purpose of this new agency was to oversee and insure the continuous, progressive development of the Missouri River which necessitated a complete and ....
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Brady Memorial Survey
The Mountain View Cemetery, located adjacent to Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho, is a relaxing place for a quiet walk; yet always stirs my sense of wonder with the lives and stories of those who lay beneath its soil. As a student ....
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Taking the Mystery Out of Flood Openings
As the Floodplain Manager for the City of Augusta, I see a lot of Elevation Certificates come across my desk. The Elevation Certificate (EC) is a FEMA form designed to gather information on the compliance of an existing structure, or a new structure, with the requirements of the ....
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Vantage Point: Do No Harm—Not Even Temporarily
It used to be standard engineering practice to design site grading to drain all water off site as quickly as possible--no puddles, no ponds, no care about what happened next door. We moved to adding detention basins to slow the water in its race to anywhere other than our site, and ....
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Curt Brown 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Class and Humor
Curt had an irrepressible sense of humor. He was prone to making jokes and whenever he faced some kind of confrontation, he usually deflected it with some kind of comical remark. I admire that trait--if only more people would adopt that approach, the world surely would be a better place ....
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Landon Blake, PS 
Footsteps: A Review of Knapp vs. Hughes
In this installment of Footsteps we'll briefly consider a boundary dispute between two residential property owners in New York State. This case has interesting lessons for the boundary surveyor on land description interpretation and on water boundaries. Before we can examine ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Angle Points: How the Profession has Damaged Continuing Education
Ever and anon, surveyors are constantly arguing about continuing education and the requirement for a degree before sitting for a license to practice the venerable art of land surveying. For reasons I have yet to comprehend, many surveyors oppose the pursuit of enhanced education and ....
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feature When the author of this issue's Brady Memorial Survey approached me about the article, he had to "sell me" a bit. I've come across several of these student projects and more often than not, they're ho-hum accounts detailing the equipment used, etc. But beside the fact that a chapel was invovled (picture at right), two things in Kevin's article caught my attention.

First, it was apparent that he had performed an exhaustive boundary survey. I could see by looking at his worksheets, plats and images that he had done a thorough job. But what really attarcted me was the fact that, once completed, he had to present his findings and analysis before an eight-member board of licensed surveyors. As you know, none of us have to do this in every-day practice, and in fact, the only time we ever have to do it is in court or before a licensing board when we've screwed up!

Second, it reminded me of a time, before psychometricians, when an oral interview before the board of licensing was required as part of the licensing process in many states. I'm well aware that before, too much of the process was subjective, thereby opening the boards up to lawsuits when an applicant felt he or she had been wrongly treated. But the oral interview allowed the board to assess the applicant's communication and logic skills, something the multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank tests do not really do.

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Optech Announces Ladybug Camera for Lynx Mobile Mapper
Spectra Precision Speeds Athens Metro Tram Extension
Accuas Offers New Unmanned Aerial Surveys Joint Operations Services
Leica Geosystems and Geomatic Resources Donate to Aid Oklahoma Tornado Victims
Trimble Introduces New Integrated Solution for Drilling and Piling Operations
AeroMetric Announces New High Accuracy Mapping Solution
Carlson SurvCE 3.0 Upgrade Now Available Online
Maptek Provides Long Range Laser Focus to Sydney Opera House Scanning
Blue Marble Releases Global Mapper 14.2 with Many New Scripting Tools
First Quarter 2013 Construction Backlog Indicator Declines 1.1 Percent
Dewberry Acquires Florida-based Bowyer-Singleton
Mobile GIS, SuperSurv 3.1 Helps Improve Drinking Water and Sanitation Services in France
USACE-TVA 80-year Partnership a Definite Plus for Cumberland, Tennessee Rivers Basin
Indiana County Surveyor Indicted by Feds for Defrauding Taxpayers
Revised Kentucky and Tennessee Quad Maps Reveal New Design
RIEGL Topo-Hydrographic Airborne Laser Scanner Awarded as Exemplary Innovation 2013
AeroMetric Presents USACE with Award for Navajo Housing Authority Project
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    E-Magazine - Volume 10, Number 6, 2013
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