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Our July issue is distributing and it's full of goodies for the surveyor. Our lead cover feature comes from Walt Robillard, as he reminices about trees he has known. One of the many facets of our profession is tree identification, and Walt's expertise in this area is well-known.

Also of interest in the new issue is an article about the use of GPS for the popular televison show Diggers. These guys are believers! More about the new issue in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue you can click on the magazine cover to the right, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Robert Foster 
Thought Leader: Globalized Ethics
In the 17th and 18th centuries international trade in land involved a European adventurer planting a flag on a piece of unexplored land on an undeveloped continent, and claiming it "for the king." It is more complicated today in this age of globalization, in which large amounts of capital are exchanged ....
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Walt Robillard, PS, Esq. 
I Hope I Will Never See a Forest Tree That Will Baffle Me
On the last day of class of my freshman year at the NYS College of Forestry those of us who made the cut were given a five page mimeographed handout with over 100 trees and their scientific names identified. At the top of the page it was written "TO ....
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Jerry Penry, PS 
Comparing Two Brickkilns
For surveyors keenly interested in history, it can be a passionate journey to recover monuments that have disappeared from the modern public record. Retracing the steps of the original surveyor and interpreting century old descriptions are often ....
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Wilfried 'Fred' Roeder, PS 
Some Part of Myself
In writing about surveyors, their personal odyssey has always interested me as much as their professional accomplishments, a reason I dwell a lot on biography. I obtain much of my information from obituaries, which in our culture is something more akin ....
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Mary Jo Wagner 
Dig This - GPS Technology Co-stars on the Show Diggers
Standing at one of the historical sites of the Battle of Saratoga in New York, a sudden ear-piercing scream rips through the air. To the uninitiated, that scream would likely make a person think someone is seriously hurt. To the production crew of the ....
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Douglas Hunt, OLS 
Network Brings 'Life' to Bathymetric Survey Boat
Real-time, accurate, xyz positioning is crucial to most all aspects of surveying, and none more so than bathymetric surveying utilizing the state-ofthe-art, remotely controlled, bathymetric survey boat technology, known as the unmanned surface vessel (USV) "Kingfisher." Kingfisher is loaded with ....
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Eric Stahlke, PS 
The Final Voyage - Part 10
The survey work on the Koyukuk River finished on a positive note. Fortune showed us her good side, and with Charlie joining the ranks our three crews got back into a rhythm. Before long we were back on schedule and even a couple days ahead. The last monuments were buried along the ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself 32: Equal Incircle/Excircle
Triangle ABC is isosceles. BD is tangent to both circles. The incircle of triangle ABD, circle Q, and the excircle of triangle BXC, circle P, have the same radius. What is it? ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Surveyors Model Registration
In 1956 at the annual PSD [Property Survey Division] meeting in Washington a motion was duly made (by me) seconded and passed that PSD of ACSM prepare a Model Registration Law. After some discussion by Gordon E. Ainsworth (then Chairman), Victor Ghent (then Secretary of the ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: Past and Future in a More Frequently Inundated World
In April, I traveled to The Ocean State of Rhode Island to attend a different kind of conference. Organized by the Newport Restoration Foundation, the fourday meeting was entitled, "Keeping History Above Water." While the historic host city is imminently--and currently--under siege by rising ....
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feature Those of you who have been following my career as a magazine publisher know that out of all the authors I have encountered—and I've encounterd many excellent writers—one stands out: Fred Roeder. From a childhood that included being a Nazi Youth Corps member to a classic American success story, Fred not only had a successful survey career, but became an incredible writer as well. You can read his life story above, and we have posted dozens of his articles HERE, including my favorite, The King Who Had No Title. Hey, what's not to like about the mode of transportation to the right to get to the job?

Also in the new issue is another article from Jerry Penry. Out of all the surveyors I know, Jerry does more to recover and preserve—rehabilitating if necessary—than anyone. Jerry's latest rehab project can be found HERE. The installment in the new issue takes us on the trail of a vital Missouri River Commission control point. With help from Dave Doyle, Jerry educates us on the importance of these point and how they were used.

Rounding out the features in the new issue is an article about the use of an RTN to position a small bathymetric boat. To me, bathymetry is much the same as UAVs, a growth opportunity. The state-of-the-art boat in the article is packed with sensors, more thn capable enough to meet client demand. Critical to its success is accurate positioning, and that's where the RTN comes in.

As always we have our stellar lineup of columnists, including another growth opportuity for surveyors—floods. If sea levels rise as predicted, there will be plenty of work in this arena. The issue contains more thought-provoking words of wisdom from the past—this time from 1967—via a Curt Brown installment about surveyor registration. Finally, although the title of Bob Foster's Thought Leader might cause you to think it only applies outside our country, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Septentrio Offers Georeferencing for Drone Aerial Surveys
LizardTech to Exhibit at 2016 Esri User Conference
Topcon Announces Improved Efficiency With Autodesk Workflow
Keystone Aerial Surveys Optimizes Efficiency with Optech Galaxy
Juniper Systems GNSS Solutions at Esri User Conference
Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet Certified for Hazardous Locations
Arithmeticas SphereVision Captures 360 Degree Sub-Sea Selfies
Re-Enactment of Surveyors and Pioneers on the Indiana Buffalo Trace
Septentrio: Drone and GNSS Solutions at 2016 Esri User Conference
CompassDrone Your One-Stop-Shop for Drone Based Remote Sensing
Icaros Releases 4.2.2 of OneButton UAS Image Processing Software
CompassCom and Latitude Geographics Announce Partnership
LandWorks Introduces New Spatial Alignment Tool at Esri Conference
Bluesky Aerial Images Reveal Britain's Hidden Land for Mapmakers
Dewberry Hosts Third Survey Merit Badge Day
Hemisphere GNSS Announces New Eclipse Positioning OEM Boards
McKim & Creed: UAS Proof of Concept for Coastal Survey
Build Smart 3D Cities in Minutes with Esri CityEngine 2016
Global Mapper Mobile Now Available for iOS Devices
US Wildfire Activity Public Information Map
RIEGL to Exhibit and Present at the 2016 Esri User Conference
Atlantic Awarded GPSC3 Contract from USGS
DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Cornerstone Mapping Processing Thermal Imagery with SimActive
Sonardyne Performs Laser 3D Mobile Mapping of Seabed
Orbit GT to Exhibit and Present at Esri's Imaging and Mapping Forum
Esri UC 2016 to See the Latest GIS Collection Tools from Teledyne Optech
World Refugee Day Story Map
Control Point Associates Acquires Stantec Tri-State Group
Woolpert Wins $4.7M Air Force Contract
National Geospatial Technology Center Honors Esri's Joseph Kerski
RIEGL to Attend and Present at the 2016 Esri Imaging and Mapping Forum
Leica Geosystems Expands LiDAR Capabilities in ALS80 Airborne Sensor
Construction Material Prices Rise Again in May
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