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A name change of sorts has occured, and that's the acronym by which we know ourselves. In the 15 years I have been invovled in publishing, we've always used the term LS to refer to Licensed Surveyors. We did this because NCEES did it, and to avoid dealing with the plethora of acronyms in the magazine—my five licenses use four different acronyms—it was easier. Now, NCEES has been convinced to put us on the same level as engineers by calling us PS, for Professional Surveyor. I say it's about time!
LightSquared continues to be in the news. If you want to keep up, I have created an area on our website called LightSquared Watch. The issue has become extremely politicized, but as I said in the last newsletter, big bucks are riding on the outcome. I have more to say about the subject in the Spotlight below.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Putting the Lean On Manufacturing—A Visit to Topcon
The manufacturing area of Topcon's US headquarters in Livermore, California was a veritable beehive of activity during my recent visit. Colin Kavanagh, Senior VP for Operations, called attention to the "lean" manufacturing processes that have "eliminated expenditures for resources for ....
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Surveying with Google Earth
Over the past few years, I have become convinced that Google Earth represents an extraordinary opportunity to visualize and communicate survey data, though I too was skeptical of its value as a professional land surveying tool in the beginning. At ....
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Conference Review: Hexagon User Conference 2011
What is Hexagon and what is the business of Hexagon? A company that decades ago was "importing tuna fish," according to CEO Ola Rollén, is now a key international player in geospatial products and services, metrology, design and process ....
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Driving the Islands
When the Public Works department for Washington state's San Juan County was challenged with identifying and mapping roadside assets in an effort to improve traffic safety, it responded by sending out crews with hand-held GPS units. They quickly realized both the scope such a project ...
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How Precise is OPUS? Part 3: The Rest of the Story
This is the third of three articles discussing the precision obtainable with the Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) offered by NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS). The first two articles appeared in preceding issues of this magazine ...
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Footsteps: Changes to the 2009 Manual of Surveying Instructions
In a previous article, published online in June 2011, I discussed why the 2009 update to the Manual of Surveying Instructions was needed and how the BLM implemented it. The article is available in the Amerisurv Exclusive Online section of The American Surveyor website. What follows ...
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Vantage Point: Noticing a Dirty Past
Accutherm, Inc. manufactured thermometers containing mercury in Franklinville, New Jersey until 1994. It notified the state's Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) of its ceased operations, NJDEP issued cleanup orders to Accutherm, and when Accutherm didn't comply ....
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Surveying `Da Situation: An Unexpected Gift
I believe we have all heard stories or had personal experiences of feeling as though someone close that we have lost reached out to touch us in some way. I had just that kind of experience recently. Back in the mid 1960s, my Dad was a deputy in the local sheriff's department. He had that job ....
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STAR*NET is easily the most popular least squares utility used by land surveyors for network adjustment, validation and quality control. It is an easy-to-use program that adjust 2D/3D networks made up of conventional observations and GPS vectors. The new Version 7 brings an incredible amount of workflow enhancements to help speed up this part of the process.

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feature Besides becoming extremely politicized, the LightSquared issue continues to consume much of our time. Where it stands now is that the FCC will begin testing of precise gear. Of course, the LightSquared postion is that JAVAD GNSS has shown that it can accomdate use of the lower 10MHz of LightSquared's spectrum, but the scuttlebutt in the industry is that LightSquared will come back and want to use the upper 10MHz. This is discussed in a CGSIC recap HERE. Adding pressure to the tests is LightSquared's need—by the end of the year—to receive the green light or its deal with Sprint will fall through.

In a press conference on October 13, and which I wrote about HERE, Martin Harriman from LightSquared said that the end users absolutely should not have to pay for any upgrades to their gear. But even the JAVAD GNSS solution requires users to pay. Doesn't seem to me like we end users should have to pay anything whatsoever.

In case you're wondering, the image above is an artist's conception of a Galileo satellite, the first two of which were launched last week. Notwithstanding US government assurances to the contrary, the Europeans have continued to beat the justification drum by saying that since GPS is a military system, it can be turned off at any time. My own personal opinion was that Galileo would never happen, but I'm happy to eat my words. By adding GLONASS and China's Compass, having more than a hundred satellites in the sky—with a variety of new signals—will be a good thing for the precise crowd. But one has to wonder what the Euros think about our current brouhaha over LightSquared. And we Americans have to wonder as well. You can read more about Galileo and the launch in a Space News Today article HERE.

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The world as we know it is changing right before our very eyes…literally. The simple way of looking at objects or environments is moving from 2D to 3D. Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning presents the technology behind this revolutionary change and how to take a snapshot of the real world and turn it into a 3D image.

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INTERGEO 2011 – Emerging Technologies the Driving Force Behind New Approaches and Applications
Grundens USA Adds Weather Watch ANSI-Certified Rainwear to its Gage Technical Gear Line
Atlas Machinery Supply Ltd. Expands into the Construction Market with Leica Geosystems Canada
Carlson 2012 Office Design Software Now Available in Spanish
Point Cloud and Open Source Debate Opens The European LiDAR Mapping Forum 2011
JAVAD GNSS Response to Jim Kirkland Op-Ed in The Hill
Spaces Still Available for the Third Annual Blue Marble User Conference
Various Articles about LightSquared
JAVAD GNSS Issues LightSquared Statement
Midwest Survey Joins The GeoShack Family
New Century Software Showcasing New Ways to Perform Linear Referencing
LightSquared Press Conference Held on October 13 in Washington, DC
Hexagon Metrology Announces Free Webinar on PC-DMIS 2011 MR1
GeoEye to Offer Premium Satellite Imagery as a Service via Google Earth Builder
Leica Viva CS10 and CS15 Field Controllers Now Support Carlson SurvCE Data Collection Software
GIS License Helps Colorado Students Learn 21st Century Job Skills
Heavy Construction Contractors Save Time and Costs with Business Center – HCE Earthworks Optimization and Productivity Tools
Leica Viva CS10 and CS15 Field Controllers Now Support Carlson SurvCE Data Collection Software
Leica Geosystems Announces Leica GR25 GNSS Reference Server
The Topcon Group Announces Magnet Cloud-Based Software for Real-Time Collaboration
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