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Our latest issue is in the mail. Packed with more great content, I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy reading. As this newsletter goes out, members of our editorial team are covering the Optech ILSC in Toronto and Riegl's LIDAR 2013 in Vienna. More about that below in the Spotlight.
Leading the Hit Parade on our website is Vicki Speed's article about the new Trimble Campus in Denver. What attracted me to this article is the fact that Trimble applied every technology it has created or bought—within a BIM—as a demonstration project for the world to see.
Of particular note is Mike Pallamary's article about how the San Diego Grand Jury has reacted to the shenanigans by the City. Mike says the articles that appeared in The American Surveyor were instrumental in educating the Grand Jury.
Please scroll down to see the rest of the line-up, and as always please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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New Lasers at Esri® User Conference: Laser Technology, Inc., designer and manufacturer of the TruPulse® laser series invites you to see the two newest models July 9, 2013, at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, CA, booth #2517.

The new lasers meet the professional measurement market's demand for a lower cost laser and one with a higher level of accuracy.

Marc Cheves, PS 
Editorial: Dykes v. Arnold
In response to Chad Erickson's two articles about Dykes v. Arnold, Steven Patterson, an LSIT and first year law student at the University of Missouri, wrote a letter with several criticisms of Chad's article. In looking over Steven's comments, some were minor--for example, Chad's misuse ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Angle Points: San Diego Grand Jury Report on City Survey Practices
On May 1, 2013, following a one year investigation, the San Diego County Grand Jury issued a comprehensive 15-page report into activities of the city of San Diego related to land surveying practices and adherence, or lack thereof, with state laws. The work of the Grand Jury is governed ....
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Vicki Speed 
The Trimble Rockies Campus
What happens when a technology innovator known for its range of productivity solutions for building construction contractors joins forces with progressive building professionals to construct the first phase of its own corporate campus? Technology ....
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Barton Crattie, LS, CFM 
Royal Observatory—Mistress, Meridians, Longitude & Time
Proceeding south on King William Walk, your path is blocked by the gold trimmed St. Mary's Gate. To the east is a landscaped promenade featuring prominently a ship in the bottle, perhaps ten feet in diameter and twenty-five in length. To the west ....
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Jay Satalich, PS 
Surveying the Southern California Coast—Part 1
During 2011, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7 in Los Angeles completed several GNSS densification surveys to upgrade the geodetic control system in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, along with nearby surrounding areas. These surveys are a part of the regional ....
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Don Talend 
Sharing of Topcon Photos a Global Experience
An optical instrument may be a surveyor's best friend on a worksite, but you won't see one on a typical wedding guest list. That doesn't mean it can't make the wedding photo album, though. During their reception on November 9, 2012, Collin Traynor, instrument operator for Eastern Chadrow ....
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Landon Blake, PS 
Footsteps: The Parcel Map with No Monuments
In this installment of Footsteps I'm going to share a story with you from my own practice. I've changed the names in this story as well as some of the minor details. However, the major details important to the lessons we will try to extract from the story in this article will remain intact. A couple ....
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Curt Brown 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Helping Surveyors Remember the Past
For many years, my office was located just north of Mission Valley and Curt Brown's office in "Old Town" San Diego. As we were working on various projects together, he used to drop by, unannounced and when he did, I always made time for him. At the time we delivered the lecture ....
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Trucks—The Early Years
One of the great enabling technologies of surveyors in the early Twentieth Century was the small truck. The Coast and Geodetic Survey acquired its first trucks in 1913 and never looked back. Soon trucks were crossing rivers and deserts, climbing ....
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Pallamary's Angle Points: Mr. Pallamary's dilemma is, is, well, there are no words in our mutual vocabularies to describe the injustice dumped upon the same public we are licensed to serve and not harm. Should I live in California, I would be driving to Sacramento on the day of the next ....
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Vantage Point: Exactions versus Extortion
The process of land development often involves a certain amount of give and take. While we like to think that in our society this translates to "cooperation" and a bit of "compromise," the "take" part sometimes culminates in claims of inverse condemnation and rights to ....
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Sponsored by AVEVA

Inadequate asset information wastes valuable time and effort; in an emergency it can be a serious problem. This paper examines how recent advances in 3D laser surveying technology can contribute to bringing the ‘information monster’ under control, to transform it from a problem into a priceless asset.

Seeing Through the Fog: How laser scanning technology can bring clarity to asset management


feature At its second user conference in Vienna this week, Riegl LMS premiered its new LMX-Q1560 aerial LiDAR sensor (pictured at right). Attended by more than 250 people from 40 countries, the fast-paced event has shown Riegl's strength in aerial and terrestrial LiDAR. It's first 2D scanner was released in 1996, and the company has developed a reputation for extreme quality and precision.

Of great interest to me is how far aerial LiDAR has come. Early LiDAR looked straight down, but today's units also look forward and backward. With its Multiple Time Around (MTA) technology, at a flying height of 2,000 meters, there can be as many as six or seven pulses in the air at the same time.

Obviously the company has figured out how to handle this, and it's amazing what Riegl's technology can do with both aerial and terrestrial LiDAR. We saw one demonstration of how the Q1560 was able to "reach down" into a narrow—less than 3 meter wide—alleyway and show not only the alley pavement but also the walls on either side of the alley.

In another demo we saw how a truck hidden in very dense brush was picked out by terrestrial scan looks from four different setups. It reminded me of survey crews I once had who preferred one EDM over another because they felt it was able to "burn holes in leaves" to make the shot. Obviously, this was not the case, but being able to utilize a very sparse amount of return info has value.

You'll see more about what we learned in a future issue, but something one of the presenters said resonated with me: Ananda Fowler, an American surveyor who works for Riegl in Horn, Austria (the company's headquarters), said that most users tend to concern themselves with making measurements, but that it's really about time. Producing our deliverables faster with technology has its own rewards, both for us and our clients.

Sponsored by Altus Positioning Systems

Founded in 2006, Altus Positioning Systems is based in Torrance, Calif. The privately held company provides high-precision GNSS surveying equipment through an international network of sales representatives in key countries around the world.

For more information, visit


DotProduct Donates Five phi.3D Licenses to CyArk
Blue Marble to Present at MAPPS 2013 in ME on 3D Flood Modeling Tool
Inspect3D Announced at Shutdowns Turnarounds Houston
$6.1 Billion Thames Tunnel Project Standardizes on Bentley’s ProjectWise
Use of GIS and Social Networks Help Fight Colorado Wildfires
Laser Technology, Inc. to Unveil New Lasers & Mobile Mapping Solutions
Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1 Supports Streetlight Facility Management
Maptek Brings Augmented Reality to the Mining Industry
Trimble Extends Workflow Support with SketchUp File Integration
Why You Should Attend the Survey Summit, July 6-9, in San Diego
Six Ways to Fund the Nation’s Urgently Needed Infrastructure Repairs
GPS CNAV Testing 15JUNE through 01JULY2013
Trimble Introduces Online Training Program for Imaging
Sokkia Unveils New Series of Rugged Total Stations – SET-60
Press Release from the National Society of Professional Surveyors concerning the Davis-Bacon Act
Blue Marble to Feature Global Mapper v14.2 LiDAR Enhancements at ILSC 2013
Measurement in a Matter of Seconds, Accurate, Precise, Easy and Intuitive
Optech Announces Lynx SG1 Mobile Mapper
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