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Our June issue is distributing and it's another excellent line-up. GNSS, UAVs, boundary surveying, everything a modern surveyor needs to survive and thrive in the New Economy.

The lead cover feature, while not exactly about surveying, is still something surveyors will enjoy reading. Also of interest is the UAV story. More about these in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue you can click on the magazine cover to the right, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Marc Cheves, PS 
Editorial: Quo Vadis Surveying?
For more than 20 years I have used the magazines I've edited to promote technology. I've done this because I saw in my own career how technology saved time and made for a better work product. Plus which, it made the work more fun. Little did I know that this technology would result in ....
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Dr. Richard L. Elgin, PS, PE 
Surveyors' Calculation Methods Used BC
In the dark days BC (Before Calculator), surveyors invented and adapted methods which would lessen their calculations. Here are some interesting relationships, known only to old-guy surveyors. To Find D on a Railroad Curve: "Stringlining" in railroad ....
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Andrew Alpern 
Hold Outs!
The practice of boundary surveying involves the meticulous pursuit of physical reality and original intent, often with a need to resolve conflicts and to make up rationally for missing pieces of the puzzle. What it usually does not involve is lack of space in ....
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John Stenmark, PS 
Fifty People, Two Yaks and a Goat
Sergiu Jiduc's journey to Pakistan's Shimshal Valley began with three colleagues, a jeep and a minivan. It ended with 50 people, two yaks and a goat. In the process, Jiduc and his colleagues developed new understanding about one of the world's ....
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Reni Lund Hansen 
Traffic Monitoring using UAV Technology
Danish consulting engineering company, COWI, is among the first in Denmark to use advanced UAV technology for monitoring and analysing traffic flow. Monitoring from above literally presents new perspectives in optimizing road traffic systems which are experiencing growing congestion problems ....
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Eric Stahlke, PS 
The Final Voyage - Part 9
The loss of Alvin for the summer was an unfortunate occurrence that affected us as well as him. The project, barely manageable with nine people, was once again shouldered by eight. Experienced help being in short supply we put our immediate hopes on ....
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I feel a strong need to address several points raised by John Stock in his recent article, "The Back Story" (March/April 2016 issue). In this article, he provides a viewpoint about NCEES and its role within the surveying and engineering professions and asserts that our organization has "way ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself 31: Deed Indeed!
The deed reads: Beginning at an axle in the westerly line of Section 24, TXX, RYY, ZZ Merdian, thence South 40.61 chains to a stone at the southwest corner of said section; thence northeast along the county road to a RR spike; thence northerly parallel with the westerly line of said Section ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: What Should Be the Education of Surveyors
Fifty years ago, Curt wrestled with the notion of land surveying education. At that time, land surveying was closely associated with civil engineering and survey education was treated accordingly. Given the rise of geomatics and GIS, today the same remains true. Land surveying education now ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: "I Should Have Hired a Surveyor..."
It isn't often that we see a line like that in the news, so it certainly grabbed my attention. More frequently I hear moaning about surveying being a dying profession. Here is just one (expensive) example of why I disagree. Solebury Township in southeastern Pennsylvania still boasts a number of old ....
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feature This is not the first time the author of the Holdouts article, Andrew Alpern, has written for a survey magazine. Back in 2002 he wrote about Spite Walls, and as he said, "Human spitefulness comes to its fullest flower when adjoining property owners disagree." As surveyors, we know of the propensity of adjoiners to fight over an inch, but as these articles show, there can be other motivations as well. As you can see in the image, the holdout workaround is often extreme. You can see a boatload of NYC holdout buildings HERE.

As we see UAVs becoming more and more prevalent in our industry, the writing is on the wall. But what's different about this Danish company's approach solves a persistent problem—battery life. To solve this limitation, the Danes simply tether the drone to a battery on the ground.

As is always the case with captalism, the market has responded to UAV demand with a multitude of hardware and software solutions, and those who can see the wall-writing can choose from gear costing less than $2,000 to gear costing tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, the more you spend, the greater the capability.

Moving on in the new issue, Dick Elgin has written an article about caculations pre-computer. As one who learned to do comps using logarithms, and then graduated to a Monroe handcrank, I can relate. Wendy Lathrop provides hope for the future of the profession in her article about the need to hire a surveyor. And as promised in the last newsletter, NCEES weighs in with a rebuttal in FeedBack, and my editorial addresses the future-of-surveying subject as well.

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FOCUS 35 Total Station Monitors Dam
Septentrio "Future Proof" GNSS RTK for Surveyors
Harris to Offer Icaros OneButton with ENVI
Harris Corporation and Esri Partner
Global Mapper 17.2 Released
Dewberry Promotes Dave Maune, Ph.D.
Teledyne Optech and GeoShack Sign Agreement
ChinaRS Upgrades to VisionMap A3 Edge
Construction Material Prices Rise, Remain Historically Low
UAV Altitude Record
CHC Navigation Releases N72 GNSS Sensor
Orbit GT Launches AutoCAD MAP Plugin for Mobile Mapping
Trimble Free App for Water Valves and Hydrants
Honoring the Late Land Surveyor Rj Zimmer
Teledyne Optech Introduces Automated Airborne Surveying
Earth-i Takes the Best of British to Geospatial World Forum
Arithmetica Reveals 360 Imaging and 3D Laser Modeling Tech
Pickett Buys Optech Galaxy
Nonresidential Expands, Industry Unemployment Plunges
Honoring the Late Land Surveyor Rj Zimmer
National Mall Employs High Tech Surveying
Hemisphere GNSS Names Xinping Guo President and CEO
eyesMap3D: 3D Photo Modeling Software
Airbus and Hexagon Geospatial Sign Agreement
INTERGEO – Key Topic: Smart City
Leica Geosystems Releases New Calibration System
Next CGSIC Meeting Agenda in Development
Avenza’s PDF App Surpasses One Million Downloads
Leica Captivate Experience with GNSS and MultiStations
Nonresidential Construction Spending Slips in March
Terabee Introduces TeraRanger Tower
Settop CellXtrem: Create Your Own CORS Solution
SitePro Introduces the SmartTrak Series Magnetic Locators
Quarterly GDP Growth Slowest in Two Years
H3 Dynamics Debuts DRONEBOX
Tallysman Introduces High Performance GNSS Antenna
SITECO Implements Integrated Road Safety System
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