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Our November issue is distributing with more great content for surveyors. Our lead cover feature took place in the town where I live. Compared to other countries around the world, our country is relatively young. But Frederick, founded by German immigrants well before the Declaration of Independence, is 270 years old this year. More about the project in Spotlight below.

The second feature pertains to something that is an increasing global problem, landslides. As with much of our technology, we have the capability of saving lives with close monitoring. More about the new issue and our stellar columnists can be found in Spotlight.

View the complete new issue by clicking on the cover to the right, or scroll down for the individual articles. And don't hesitate to contact me if you have a story you'd like to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Mike Pallamary 
Thought Leader: A Final Point in Honor of Henry David Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau was a man with many interests. He was an American essayist, a Land Surveyor, philosopher, naturalist, poet, historian, and writer. He is perhaps, best known for his book Walden and his noteworthy essay Civil Disobediance, wherein he advances the concept of legitimate ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
Decided Guidance: Bryant v. Blevins Part 2 - The Majority Opinion
Okay, the first time I read this case I thought the majority opinion was just plain wrong and the dissenting Justice Mosk best represented the law. How could these honorable Justices of the majority just whimsically set aside the facts on the ground in favor of some ambiguous deed language ....
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R. Wayne Twigg 
The Compass Meridian Stones of Frederick, Maryland
This motto of the National Archives of the United States is particularly significant to the profession of Land Surveying. In our daily work, Land Surveyors search for previous Surveyors' evidence. We use it in our surveys and designs, which ....
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Mary Jo Wagner 
Shifting Approaches to Landslides
It happens in a blink of an eye. One second, the ground is there; the next second it's gone. That is the speed of a landslide: sudden, swiftand perhaps most unsettling, it strikes without warning. The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction ranks ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself 46: Boxed In...Again
The 3:4:5 triangle A-F-E occupies 3/8 of the area of the Rectangle A-B-C-D. BG is perpendicular to AF. CH is Perpendicular to EF. DJ is perpendicular to AE. Find the missing right-angle tie distance, DJ. (Can you find the size ....
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Carl Clinton's article [Writing a Good Narrative, September 2017], and your editorial supporting the article's thesis, make eminent common sense. Although I wondered how such a journalistic lesson could be needed when the proposal was so obvious, I realised why when I recalled my own early ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: How to Help
After a stressful week of trying to locate an old friend in Houston after Hurricane Harvey left town, her brief email reassured me she was safe and had not lost everything. She was among the very fortunate. Hundreds of thousands of others across the Caribbean and southeastern parts ....
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SITECO launches the new application WEB Laser Mapping Viewer

The new application solves the issue of distributing and deploying the data surveyed with the MMS through the web.

Users can view point clouds and spherical images, select, filter and download the laser mapping data, take measurements and add notes. All this through a smart user interface and using their favorite browser. Visit our website for more details.


feature We surveyors, especially in the Colonial states and Great Lakes region, know all about the inherent inaccuracy of compass surveying. Early day calibration baselines were the result, at least in Maryland. Although this project took place quite some time ago, the fact that it's right here in the town where I live drew me to it. Another great example of the cooperative spirit displayed by survey society chapters, volunteers banded together to perform the project correctly, and in doing so, employed every discipline known to modern-day surveyors.

The author, Wayne Twigg, is not licensed, but has 50 years experience. He, like many surveyors I know in Maryland, has had the door to licensure slammed shut by the addition of minor engineering to the test. These surveyors have no desire to practice engineering of any kind. Adding to the national threat, the new administration is seeking to increase competition by eliminating licensing for many occupations. Some are even saying that if a profession doesn't require a college degree, it has no need for a license. And while a majority of states now require a degree to sit for the test, I suspect it will force the remaning states to follow suit. Obviously, the elimination of the license for boundary surveying would be disastrous for John Q.

Our columnists weigh in again with useful information. Wendy Lathrop provides several different ways we can step up for fellow surveyors impacted by all the hurricanes this year. Mike Pallamary continues with his account of the Thoreau Final Point. And Jason Foose again provides sound reasoning for boundary surveying. Enjoy!

Visit INTERGEO: Berlin, September 26-28

Once again in 2017, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land managements hot topics will highlight ground-breaking developments and projects in a dynamic geo-IT sector.

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Septentrio Launches UAS Boards at Commercial UAV Expo
ASV Global Prepares for Continued Growth
Virtual Surveyor Unveils Image Analysis Software at Commercial UAV Expo
Award Signifies CDOTs UAS Commitment
Phase One Industrial and Lufthansa Sign Agreement for UAV Aerial Imaging
Road-SIT Survey Vertical for Utility Network Maintenance for Mobile Mapping
Global Mapper and LiDAR Module SDK v19 Released
EngineerSupply Announces Partnership with T&T Tools Inc
Andregg Geomatics Joins Psomas
Wingtra Partners with Kentucky-based Precision Capture
NavVis Partners with PrecisionPoint
Construction Input Price Growth Accelerates in September
VRMesh V9.5 Available for LiDAR Strip Adjustment
Michael Baker Adds Long-Range, Highly Durable Fixed-Wing UAS
Recap of the 57th meeting of CGSIC
McKim & Creed Expands Houston Office
peel 3d Launches Affordable Professional-Grade 3D Scanner
Topcon Announces Connectivity Enhancements With Bentley
USIBD Cornerstone Report #010: Software
ASV Global and TerraSond Announce USV-Supported Cable Route Survey
Bentley Systems and Topcon Collaborate for Constructioneering Academy
Nonresidential Construction Adds Jobs Despite Disruptions
Topcon's Ed McCaffery Unexpectedly Passes
GeoSLAM and Bentley Take Mobile Reality Modelling Indoors
Col-East Taps Extensive Image Archive
Vexcel Imaging Introduces UltraCam Eagle Mark 3
Kenya Mapping Mines with SimActive's Correlator3D
Topcon Showcases IIT Solutions at INTERGEO 2017
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