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Hello Amerisurv user... Summer is finally over! I hope you have some work! It's my understanding that there are still some pockets around the country where construction activity is still lacking, but if we can believe what we hear about new housing starts and building permits, it's looking like we've hit the bottom and are now starting back up.
After visiting six different companies for future articles, my roadtrip went very well with the exception of an unexpected delay in St. Louis for an emergency gall bladder removal. My hat's off to the folks at the brand new St. Clare hospital there for the excellent care I received. Ah yes, getting older... But I will say that both of my brothers and my Mom had their gall bladders removed, so I guess it runs in the family. On the road to recovery now, just in time for our...
Annual visit to Germany for Intergeo, the largest surveying show in the world. In case you're wondering why we go to this show, the answer is this: the Europeans (and others around the world) have traditonally looked to the U.S. for technology, for instance, GPS. I've always been impressed with the way they've taken what's been invented here and run with it. Examples of this include RTNs and wringing the last milimeter out of the free GPS. I'll keep my ears open for anything they're doing that we might be able to benefit from.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Diversifying
As this issue goes to press I am wrapping up another cross-country road trip, our third this year. This time, I've traveled through fifteen states, stopping along the way to meet with companies and surveyors to interview them and learn their stories. You'll read more about them in ....
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Survey Says Drill Here
When Boart Longyear, a leading drilling services provider and products manufacturer, was awarded a critical upgrade project at Arizona's Navajo Generating Station (NGS) near Lake Powell, it had all the essential technology and expertise it needed ....
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Conference Review: It's All About Imaging: Optech Innovative Lidar Solution Conference
Bring together nearly 200 successful technology users from 30 countries around the world and the circuit of creative energy is palpable. Optech's first Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference, held in ...
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Juniper 9-9 
Juniper Systems
The gnarled Jardine Juniper stands sentry on the edge of a limestone cliff at the end of the popular hiking and mountain bike trail that bears its name. More than 3,000 years old, it is the oldest known living tree in Utah. It is from that tree ...
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    Crawford 9-9 
    Model Behavior: The How-To Guide to Successful Surface Modeling Part 2
    Welcome back! In this second article, we're going to take a look at the actual mechanics of constructing a good digital terrain model, how best to verify the source data that we plan to use to ....
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    Lathrop 9-9 
    Vantage Point: Those Old Non-conforming Lots
    Many of us have had this experience: a client wants to develop a lot from an old subdivision map, but the lot doesn't conform to current zoning requirements. Can the lot be grandfathered to force approval? Should both sides compromise? Or do current ordinances ...
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    More on the Founding of ASPRS. I enjoyed your article on the ASPRS 75th Anniversary [July 2009], but was disappointed there wasn't more information on the founding members. Here is a link to a short bio of Captain O. Reading, a USC&GS officer, and at ...
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    Why a Federal Surveying Manual is Relevant to the States
    Why would the various General Land Office (GLO) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Manual[s] of Surveying Instructions be relevant to the state licensed land surveyor? What if the lands in a state were surveyed prior to when even the first official federal Manual was ...
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    Day, night, week-end, holiday, you name it... Amerisurv is updated 24/7 with the latest news and announcements affecting today's Land Surveying professional. Below are some of the latest items of interest.

    feature As I alluded to above, the reason why it's important to keep up with surveying activities around the world is because surveyors outside the U.S. might be doing something that would make our work more profitable, higher quality, etc. I'm sure many of you are unaware that the U.S. is the only developed country on the planet that doesn't require, nationwide, a four-year degree to be a professional surveyor.

    Likewise, in all of the developed countries, membership in the local and national surveying association is expected and/or required. In the U.S. we can't even get 100 percent participation in the state societies, much less the national organization! In other countries, surveyors have seized opportunities that we have never even considered, such as quantity surveying, real estate, land planning and more.

    Those of you who have been reading what I've beeen saying in my 14 years of magazine publishing know that I'm a strong proponent of both education and association membership. By lacking in either we only hurt oursleves by not being able to lobby more effectively, that is, with a larger voice, and thereby elevate the profession.

    Even so, conditions here are different. For example, the entire country of Germany is blanketed by an RTN. Then again, Germany is the size of Colorado. Thanks to super-dense control networks established by the governments, surveyors in Europe only have to resect onto the control and away they go. Here, some of us struggle with establishing State Plane Coordinates! There, because of education, geodesy is not frightening, nor is the mathematics required to understand what we do. Please don't misunderstand. Things are the way they are because of unique circumstances found in no other country. But it concerns me that the new economy might not have as much room for surveying as we have known it since WWII.

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    U.S. Surveyor Plans Weekly Live Q&A Webcast
    Free Seminars Offered for City and Town Managers Seeking Creative Solutions to Boost ROI
    Easily Know Where You Are With Carlson’s New, All-Purpose Station Occupation Determination
    Raber Elected to Merrick & Company’s Board of Directors
    DigitalGlobe Named Earth Observation Operator of the Year
    Topcon’s NET-G3A for High Performance Tracking
    Topcon Announces Joint Marketing Agreement With Geospatial Holdings
    MAPPS to Testify on Parcel-Based GIS as Early Warning System for Mortgage Crisis
    The Future of Mapping with LIDAR - Radiohead's House of Cards
    A Day at the Fair
    Creaform Makes a Move Towards Democratizing its 3D Scanning Technology
    Construction Materials Prices Edge Up in August
    SimActive to Introduce New Editing Module at INTERGEO
    SuperPad 3.0 Contains Multiple Extensions to Enhance GIS Capabilities
    Bob Richards, Jr. Joins Aero-Metric
    Merrick Supporting Southwest Florida Water Management District with Geospatial Technologies
    Surveying And Mapping, Inc. Expands Service Offerings with Optech’s LYNX Mobile Mapping Solution
    Construction software for Topcon’s GRS-1 rover
    Getac Introduces Ultra-Rugged GPS Handheld Device for Field Applications
    U.S. Army Geospatial Center Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
    New Model: Topcon’s LC-4X Crossline Laser
    Maptek 3D Scanning Technology Used in Deep Underground Lab
    Job Cuts Continue in the Nonresidential Construction Industry
    ASPRS Board of Directors Approves Guidelines for the Procurement of Professional Services
    Trimble Expands Reach of VRS Now Service to Include Czech Republic and State of Mississippi
    Trimble Introduces Trimble Access Software for Spatial Imaging
    D. A. Lauds Use of Leica 3D Laser Scan Data as Demonstrative Forensic Evidence in Trial
    Topcon Unveils New Grader, Dozer Slope Sensor
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    This section is an update about surveying and other geospatial conferences, training, seminars, webinars, and relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration. For more events, please visit our online calendar HERE.

    CORS Users Forum - September 22, Hilton Garden Inn, Savannah, Georgia.
    Send your event info to editor[at]
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    The following articles from our August, 2009 issue are also available on the Amerisurv website.


    Did-U-Know Glenn Letham at our sister site has compiled a state-by-state list of free imagery HERE

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