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Our March issue is distributing and it contains more great content for practicing surveyors. Our lead cover feature is about the cool use of handheld GNSS units in Antarctica. Most of you have probably seen TV programs about the extreme working conditions down there, and the handhelds provide a useful tool in ongoing research.

Our new contributing writer, Lee Lovell, is back with part two of his surveying economics series, this time discussing payroll and revenue. We've heard for years about what lousy businesspeople we are. Lee's series is an attemot to rectify that by teaching surveyors how to make smart business decisions. More about the new issue in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue click on the magazine cover, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Thought Leader: Death of the PLSS
Alaska's PLSS survey is still in its infancy. Freshly placed monuments are still steaming and some 35 million acres of State Lands are yet unsurveyed. That's about the size of the entire state of New York. I caught wind that the BLM is proposing to transfer the balance of State Land to Alaska through ....
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J. Anthony Cavell, PS 
On the Level with NSPS: What Your National Society Does for You...
Last time I borrowed and paraphrased part of a challenge delivered by President John F. Kennedy when I wrote, "Ask Not What Your Profession Can Do for You..." It was a challenge like that of the late president that our success depends more on what we contribute collegially than what ....
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Erik Dahlberg 
Antarctica - Adapting GNSS Methods to Scientific Needs
At first glance, the phrase "Antarctic oasis" seems to be an oxymoron. But that's how polar researchers refer to the north end of James Ross Island. The largest island in the James Ross archipelago at the extreme northern tip of the Antarctic ....
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Lee Lovell, Ps 
Surveying & Mapping Industry Economics: Part 2 - Payroll and Revenue
This article continues an inquiry into the economic conditions of the Surveying and Mapping industry (NAICS 541370) using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This time we will look at payroll and revenue. The data comes from the Economic Census conducted every 5 years on American business ....
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Larry Trojak 
Home Ice Advantage—Technology Boosts Layout
When Darren Gillett decided to upgrade his company's construction layout effort, he did so with a number of considerations in mind. First, he needed to maintain the degree of excellence for which his firm, Gillett Construction, had become known. Second ....
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Patrick C. Garner, Ps 
Product Review: The Innovative Javad J-Tip Metal Detector
Rarely does an utterly unique device appear in today's established and stable survey world. Sure, we are used to enhancements. Every couple years instruments seem to shoot distance farther and faster. Memory expands. Software offers a few more ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself: My Calculator Died
You have completed the traverse as shown and would like to check it for closure before returning to the office, but your calculator died. You have that 1 old non-trig function one that at least has an addressable memory , , x2, x , x and if you're really lucky, a y key and x! key. You have no trig ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: The Subtle Approach to Attract New Surveyors
Many years ago, what I thought was a friendship with another woman surveyor fell apart when she accused me of not being militant enough in pursuing equality and respect for women in our profession. We had joined forces to battle the overt sexism then prevalent in equipment ....
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Meet the Altus APS3G

With an integrated UHF radio and the latest GNSS technology, the Altus APS3G guarantees more uptime and less downtime in the field, while offering superior accuracy, improved performance, 14+ hours of battery life and higher flexibility on-site  no matter the environment.

It also tracks all satellites and constellations, while overcoming interference and multipath. Discover the modern solution for your surveying needs, with Altus APS3G.


feature Of particular interest in the new issue is Pat Garner's review of the latest invention from JAVAD GNSS, the J-Tip. Part of Javad's complete RTK system, the sophisticated metal detector represents a completely new approach to something that surveyors do every day. After reading Pat's review, you can learn more about the J-Tip HERE.

As promised in the last newsletter, Jason Foose gives his opinion about the BLM proposal to radically change the manner in which public lands are surveyed in Alaska. In the next issue, he will provide Alaska case law to back up his opinion.

Elsewhere in the new issue is outgoing NSPS president Tony Cavell's final installment of his series. We have one more article for a future issue detailing everything NSPS has done during his term, as well as upcoming efforts. Wendy Lathrop discusses ways in which new surveyors are being attracted to our profession. Her article gives me hope for the future of surveying!

In MarketPlace is a special free offer from Walt Robillard for students. Walt had the 1657 William Leybourn classic The Compleat Surveyor reprinted in hardcover and wants to provide students and schools with this valuble information about our profession. You can check the offer out HERE.

Surveying Mathematics Made Simple

A New series of Books and Apps for the Surveying, Engineering, GIS Professionals and aspiring Students.

Choose from more than 15 unique eBooks covering a wide variety of popular surveying topics, such as Parcel Boundaries, Rectangular Coordinates, Spiral Curves, Vertical Curves, Circular Curves, Coordinate Transformation, Construction Staking, KML & KMZ, Coordinate Transformation and more...


Sokkia Releases New CX Series Total Station
R.A. Smith National Obtains FAA UAS Pilot Certification
Maptek Provides Resilience During a Challenging Economic Environment
EngineerSupply Expands with Geomax Surveying Equipment Company
ILMF & ASPRS Conference to Take Place Together in 2018
Maser Consulting Teams with Pulse Aerospace
Construction Input Prices Surge to Start 2017, ABC Says
Registration Open for 2017 Geospatial Summit
SimActive Unveils New Licensing Options
Brexit: UK Could Be Shut Out of EU Galileo System It Helped Build
Septentrio Guarantees DEME's Operations in Areas of Interference
Skyline Software Systems Releases PhotoMesh 7.1
Galileo Commercial Service Implementing Decision Enters Into Force
Teledyne Optech Announces the New ALTM Galaxy T1000
Avenza Maps for Windows 2.0 Released
Orbit GT Releases Oblique Mapping and Feature Extraction v17
GEO Business and COYO Launch GEO Careers
Commercial UAV Expo Europe Announces Early Backers
Introducing the ALGIZ 8X Rugged Tablet from Handheld
Topcon GNSS Modular Receiver Integrates with a Wide-Range of Applications
Carlson Software Introduces Precision 3D Topo 2017
Tallysman Introduces Dual and Triple Band GNSS Antennas
ILMF 2017: YellowScan Launches YellowScan LiveStation
Centennial Celebration for NOAA Corps Planned, Sponsors Needed
Construction Job Growth Rebounds in 2017, ABC Says
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