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Hello Amerisurv user... I'm finally back from my 24-day road trip. My, what a beautiful country we live in! ACSM was great, as was Trimble Dimensions. A highlight of my trip was a visit to Fred Roeder, a retired Forest Service surveyor who lives in Tularosa, NM. Fred's one of the best writers I know and has an extraordinary ability to turn historical events into fun-to-read articles. Fred provided me with nearly a hundred of his articles which I will post to our website. Meanwhile, here's my favorite: The King Who Had No Title
Our March issue will mail this week, and you can read my and Gavin Schrock's write-up of Dimensions by scrolling down. I've never been too keen on theme issues, but this issue turned out to be a scanning issue. Of course, the SPAR laser scanning conference will be held at the end of the month in Denver, so a scanning focus is a natural this time. And, it will provide another excuse for a road trip!
As in the last newsletter, there's not too much new to report on the economy, but I caught a press conference this morning on television that discussed the need for the banks to start loaning money to small businesses. This is encouraging, but as we all know, the single most important thing for getting surveyors back to work will be jump-starting the land development economy.
By the way, Steve Crowfoot, Director of Product Marketing for Geomatics at Leica Geosystems, took this month's pic of me at the ACSM/NGS/GIAA meeting in Corbin in December.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Trimble Dimensions 2009
Defying the economy, Trimble's fourth annual user conference hosted more than 2,400 registered attendees from 67 countries. In his opening keynote, Trimble CEO Steve Berglund presented refreshingly candid remarks by saying that 15 months ago (at the last conference), participants were ....
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A Visit to Amberg Technologies
As I have written before, one of the things I enjoy most about my job as editor is bringing new technology to our readers, so it gives me great pleasure to present something entirely new in this issue. Last November we journeyed to ....
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Refined Dimensions - High-definition Scanning Helps Redefine Oil Refinery Fabrication
Today's modern oil refinery is a huge, efficient industrial facility that takes crude petroleum pumped from deep within the earth and turns it into useful products such as ...
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A Line Runs Through It - PLSC Supports New 40th Parallel Exhibit
The northern Front Range of what is now Colorado was a pristine wilderness well into the 1850s, trampled only by a small number of trappers and explorers, and by the ...
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ASTM E57 - 3D Imaging Systems
In 2003, in response to a request from the scanner manufacturers and consumers of scan data, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) agreed to develop standards and specifications for both equipment and methods. Subsequently, the American Society for ....
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Conference Review: Leica's HDS Conference Encourages New Scanning Companies
In past issues of this magazine, I have been intemperate in my praise of laser scanning's potential to remake surveying, engineering and, indeed, all of infrastructure. Or was I? Because the continued ....
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A Teen's Lunar Quest
Operation E.A.G.L.E is not a military project. It is a scientific endeavor undertaken by 16-year-old Rebecca England, a sophomore at Demopolis High School in Alabama. While many teenage girls are focused on celebrity ...
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Vantage Point: When Saving Is Not Equal to Preserving
We try to "save" buildings for many reasons ­to save a slice of history that happened there, to reflect life as it used to be, to save samples of a famous architect's work, and sometimes just for their sheer beauty. But what does it mean to "preserve" a building? Does it mean to ...
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Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. I enjoyed "Hidden Point Offset" by Shawn Billings [Nov 2008], but have a small bone to pick, with all due respect to Mr. Billings. If one uses Mr. Billings' formula of Nl - [(Nl - Nh)/(HRl - HRh) * HRl substituting the appropriate terms for ...
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Day, night, week-end, holiday, you name it... Amerisurv is updated 24/7 with the latest news and announcements affecting today's Land Surveying professional. Below are some of the latest items of interest.

feature More about the road trip: Another highlight of my trip was a visit with Dr. Richard Elgin in St. James, MO. Dick has contributed many problems for the magazine in his Test Yourself column, and has always been a real asset for the profession. Look for a future article about his illustrious career. Something I found most interesting is the fact that although Dick and his recently-deceased father Bob were both PEs, the majority of their practice involved surveying, not engineering.

While in St. James, Dick took me to Fort Leonard Wood to check out the US Army Engineer Corps Museums. My flickr pics are HERE. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend these museums. In particular, the Temporary Buildings of WWII Museum brought back memories of the barracks during my days at Fort Polk in 1968.

Lest you think I was all alone on my trip, I did have a companion: Pee-wee Herman. He was such a hit at Trimble Dimensions they gave him a complimentary registration! You can see some of the places Pee-wee and I visited HERE. All in all, it was a great trip, with eight business stops along the way. Plenty of grist for future articles! And my next road trip will generate even more articles...
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Allen Precision Equipment (APE) Acquires Leading Distributor in the Construction and Geomatics Market
ABC Opposes So-called Employee Free Choice Act
Spar Point Research Announces Keynote Speakers for 6th Annual Conference, SPAR 2009
Juniper Systems’ President Rob Campbell to Present Keynote Address at the Carlson Users Conference
Optech Announces New Corridor Mapping Solution
MAPPS Finds Membership Apprehensive About the Economy in 2009 Economic Survey
James Stowell Joins Canary Systems Team
How is 3D Machine Control Technology re-defining the role of the Land Surveyor?
Leica Geosystems releases Leica GNSS Spider V3.2 – Unbiased Network RTK
SITEOPS Design SP Revolutionizes CAD for Site Layout
Surveyors Being Blamed for Ike-damaged Homes
Langfelder Named IPLSA’s New Associate Executive Director
More Job Cuts in February for the Nonresidential Construction Industry
Micro GPS Module With Onboard Antenna
The PBSJ Corporation Announces Key Management and Director Changes
New Version of ERDAS Image Web Server Delivers 4,203 Tiles a Second
SPECIM Announces the Official Launch of AisaEAGLET
Price for USGS Topo Maps Rises Gently to $8
FEMA Partners With NOAA On flood Safety Awareness Week
Designed for 3 years, 'workhorse' Landsat satellite completes 25
Users from 12 countries join to learn more about producing high-quality, digital aerial images
Feds Buy Smart, announcing issuance of new Geospatial SmartBuy Request for Quotation
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