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Welcome to our mid-month newsletter. We just returned from Intergeo in Germany. You might wonder why we go to this show, but it's grown to be an important international event, and a bellwether of future tech. I discuss more in the Spotlight below.
In the past, companies used to wait for the annual ACSM show to announce new products. Over time, they began announcing them throughout the year, or at their own shows. At this year's Intergeo, it was a blast from the past as Trimble made 11 announcements in one day, and Topcon made 7 thru the week. There were many more announcements, scroll down for individual links.
As for the current magazine issue, Terri Turner's FEMA article is leading the Hit Parade, followed closely by Shawn Billings' LDP Part 2. You can scroll down to see the line-up, and as always please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The 53rd CGSIC
The 53rd Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) took place in Nashville September 16-17, 2013. In layman's terms, this is the meeting where the military side of the government meets the civilian side. The meeting has always been free and open to anybody. It is ....
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Jerry Penry, PS 
Sacred Mountain—Climbing Inyan Kara
From many miles away, solitary mountains have captured the attention of explorers and surveyors. Undoubtedly, thoughts of climbing to the summit dominated their minds as they drew closer. Likewise, Native Americans were drawn to isolated ....
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Larry Trojak 
Florida Surveyor Rewriting Job Description
There is a growing concern among many today that the days of the survey function, as it applies to construction work, are numbered. Much of the work that was once the sole domain of the surveyor--hard staking, documenting as-builts, determining or verifying elevations, etc ....
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Ground versus Grid—Low Distortion Projections—Part 2
In Part 1, I highlighted the inherent deficiency of the State Plane Coordinate System with regard to excessive scale factors, the poor solutions often employed by surveyors and engineers to remedy that deficiency, and suggested a viable alternative through the use of Low Distortion ....
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Teter - Greem 
Finding the Potomac Stone
Up on Backbone Mountain in northern Tucker County, West Virginia, miles of windmills turn in the high mountain breeze, striking an impressive pose. But something else up there beckons from the past like an ancestral ghost or a quest for "Big Foot." A long unseen monument the West Virginia ....
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Terri L Turner 
The Dawn of A New Day...Biggert-Waters-12—Part 2
In the Dawn of A New Day...Biggert Waters-12 last month, we explored virtually "everything you ever wanted to know" about BW-12, "but were afraid to ask" including new rate increases on the horizon for many flood insurance policy holders of older buildings, how the NFIP is using the ....
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Landon Blake, PS 
Footsteps: San Benito COG versus Hollister Inn
In this installment of Footsteps we'll consider a court case from the Coastal Mountains of Central California, not far from my home in Stockton. The court case is related to a dispute over an access easement that was removed as part of a highway improvement project. It raises some interesting ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Land Movements and Boundaries
Curt was always fascinated with the unexpected and the unexplained. Many of his concerns were to be shaped by laws that yet to be written; eventually some rules would evolve and he often wondered how that would happen. While many of the laws that govern our land are derived ....
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Gene Roe's Guest Editorial: I have to say Gene's assessment of the Survey Profession in this month's Guest editorial was right on the mark. The Surveying Profession is truly at a crossroads in my opinion and what we do as group in the next couple of years to try to reinvent ourselves as ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS 
Vantage Point: Dune: A Saga
What's it worth to be able to see the intersection of sand and ocean waves from your house? Is it worth more or less than knowing your home will be protected by the sand dunes separating it from the rage of ocean storms? Once upon a time, Harvey and Phyllis Karan bought a house on the ....
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For many plant Owner Operators, available as-built information is often in the form of paper drawings and photographs; incomplete, inaccurate and hard to use. Ideally, one would like the as-built design to exist as an accurate 3D model but, until now, the cost and timescale’s involved have been prohibitive. AVEVA Laser Modeller answers this need, working with scan data from all the leading 3D laser scanning systems.


feature If I had to sum up this year's Intergeo in one sentence, it would be, People are looking up! This because of the profusion of UAVs on exhibit. Two years ago, there were seven companies, last year there were 16, and this year, 35. These devices were flown both inside and outside the exhibit halls. Inexplicably, the FAA is keeping a damper on the use of UAVs in this country, but I have mixed feelings anyway: without a doubt, these devices will chip away at yet another surveyor baliwick, topographic surveys. Photogrammetry from 100 feet is quite accurate.

Something else I noticed were the hordes of students. You would see the instructor, with a gaggle of 15-20 kids in tow, soaking in every imaginable geo-technology. Of course, Germany, being the size of Colorado with a population of 80+ million, makes it easy for practically every surveyor or student in the country to attend the show, but it's refreshing to see so much enthusiasm. If you'd like to see my photos of the show, I have posted them on our flickr account.

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Using Mobile GIS System to Offer Useful Tour Guide for Android and iOS Users
Topcon Announces New Versatile, Portable Laser Scanner
U.S. Federal Court Affirms Validity of Leica ScanStation Evidence
Accurate Position Information for Mobile CAD and GIS Software
Surveying Engineering Accredited at Michigan Technological University
INTERGEO 2013 Essen: Driving Innovation in Geo Applications
LiDAR Services Deploys LiDAR System to Northeast US
Topcon Announces GR-5 with Vanguard Technology
Tuck Mapping Integrates Leica RCD30 Camera with Applanix POSTrack
Topcon’s IS-310 Measurement System Increases Layout, BIM Productivity
Topcon DS Versatility Expanded with Robotic Feature
Spectra Precision Introduces New and Updated Products
Nikon-Trimble Introduces New and Updated Products
Trimble’s Camera Roving System Delivers High-Accuracy Positioning
Trimble Introduces High-Speed Time-of-Flight 3D Laser Scanning Solution
Trimble RTX Mobile App Gives Satellite Correction Data to Geospatial Users
Trimble Enhances its Flagship GNSS Surveying Solution with Tilt-Compensation
Trimble Introduces New Pacific Crest Wide-Band Data Link Module
Trimble Extends Land Administration Portfolio with Hardware and Software
Trimble Releases CenterPoint RTX Correction Service into Geospatial Markets
Trimble Launches New Geospatial Solutions for Aerial Imaging
Trimble Takes Real-time Deformation Monitoring to the Next Level
Topcon Adds New Features to HiPer SR
Juniper Systems’ New Rugged Handheld Features 4.3-Inch Touchscreen
Topcon’s Hybrid Robotic System Features New DS Total Station
SuperPad 3.1a Improves Accuracy and Reliability of GIS Data
Optech Announces Ladybug 5 Camera for Lynx Mobile Mapper
Applanix Adds New High Performance POS Systems
Third Generation UltraCam Hawk Announced by Microsoft
Carlson Offers New Lightweight, Rugged, and Affordable Qmini2
Introducing the Carlson MINI2—Compact Size, Big Performance
Carlson Software Introduces New GNSS Post-Processing Program
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