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Hello Amerisurv user...Our January issue is in the mail, and it chock full of more of the quality content you've grown to expect from The American Surveyor.

Of particular note in the new issue is the Georgia water shortage article I mentioned in the last newsletter. The author of that article has also written our recap of the Surveyors Rendezvous held at George Washington's Birthplace in Virginia. As you will read, the Father of our Country was larger than life, and I can't help but draw parallels between his time and ours. Arkansas LSIT Luann Glenn writes a poignant story about the inhabitant of a tract she surveyed.

One of our most popular writers, Angus Stocking, delivers another one of his well-written conference recaps, this time the Leica HDS user conference. Joe Bell adds a review of Topocad 9 from Chaos Systems, and Shawn Billings provides an informative review of the TDS Nomad. Rounding out the January issue is a great explanation of the relationship between chains and acres. This is something you can photocopy and give to non-surveyors.

Many of you have been following my blog, but there's an easy way to track it without having to visit the website: simply enter your e-mail address and whenever something new is posted you'll be notified with an e-mail that contains the new content. The blog is where I post all kinds of interesting items, most of which will never appear in the newsletter or the magazine. To check it out click HERE.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share--many of our articles are submitted this way, please don't be shy!

Thanks again for your support.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The Surveying Pulse
Happy New Year! Although it hardly seems possible, this issue marks the beginning of our fifth year in publication. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you, our faithful readers, and to our advertisers for all of your continued support. It is deeply appreciated. In my discussions with ....
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Point to Point: Compromising Positions
Twice recently the idea of surveyors "splitting the difference" on a dispute between them has come across my desk. And twice I have cringed.  Those who know me know that I am not usually one to walk away from an argument (to which I plead guilty), but....
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Rendezvous 2007
His life story simmers in the stew of fable, history, scholarship and legend. At any one point during his life, George Washington was a militarist, diplomat, distiller of spirits, statesman, innovative farmer, legislator, but most importantly to our mutual interests, a surveyor of...
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The Stray
I step into a tunnel of parched woods, dry and still from the absence of rain or dew, and find what I was looking for, an old fence line. In the early light of morning the horizontal line of rusted barbed wire meanders with the weight of ...
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Conference Review: 2007 Leica Geosystems HDS
It wasn't that long ago, maybe six years, that I was looking at a peculiar little ad for something called a `scanner'. It was about the size of a dorm room refrigerator, and if I was reading it right, the device promised to be the next big revolution in....
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Reconnaissance: When to Write a New Metes and Bounds Description
Surveyors all over the country frequently receive requests from the lenders on ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys to write metes and bounds descriptions of surveyed tracts even though the record descriptions are perfectly adequate.   For example, the...
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Vantage Point: Terms of Endearment (and Other Interests)
Earlier this year, newspapers carried headlines about a lawsuit initiated by the father of a young man who did not survive the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center, in an attempt to claim a share of the $29 million "relatives of victims" fund. What made his suit noteworthy was...
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Software Review: Topocad 9 from Chaos Systems
Topocad from Chaos System comes to us from Sweden. In this day and age more and more municipalities are requesting some form of surveying and engineering work that can be incorporated into their local GIS, so having a program that...
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Surveying `Da Situation: When Dad Got Heated Up
I was with a group of my buddies not too long ago and it usually doesn't take much time before the conversation turns to some of the not so brilliant things we may have done in our youth. I really enjoy those stories and even contribute a few of...
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Product Review: Nomad by Tripod Data Systems
The Nomad is the newest handheld computer from Tripod Data Systems (TDS). It shares a strong resemblance to its predecessor, the Recon, which was first introduced based on a couple of relatively new approaches to field data collection and...
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GLO Surveying: Fractional Sections and the Relationship of Chains to Acres
One of the interesting aspects of the U.S. Public Land Survey System (USPLSS) is the unique relationship between chains and acres. For those who work with the USPLSS, and the records of same, often...
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Feed Back
Leininger's Point to Point column "Of Agnew, Surveyors and Kickbacks" [Oct 2007] was a refreshing change of topic not usually found in any of our professional journals. And it is no small irony that we consider ourselves above the political fray. If this...
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Surveyors Report: Georgia's Water Shortage and a Surveyor's Miscalculations
Because of typographical errors in a book of mathematical tabulations and poorly constructed equipment, the nearly infinite supply of water in the Tennessee River is not available to the citizens of the State...
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Each week in this section we'll update you about Surveying and other Geospatial conferences, training, seminars, webinars, and relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration.
Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors Conference 2008
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania
January 20-23, 2008

CLSA Conference 2008
Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino
Reno, Nevada
February 23-27, 2008

SPAR 2008
Now in it's fifth year, SPAR 2008 is all about the business and technology of capturing, managing and integrating 3D information.
Houston, Texas
March 3-5, 2008

2008 ACSM/LSAW Joint Conference
Join us in beautiful Spokane for ACSM's annual conference, in conjunction with the Land Surveyor's Association of Washington meeting.
Spokane, Washington
March 4-9, 2008

Carlson Silver Anniversary User Conference
Featuring training (with chance to earn CEUs) and a look to the future.
Lexington Convention Center
Lexington, Kentucky
April 14-15, 2008

2008 ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit
Join more than 400 surveyors and engineers in exploring the possibilities of GIS technology. See how GIS software integrates with surveying and engineering tools to provide more complete business solutions and field processes.
San Diego, California
August 2-5, 2008
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Supervising Surveyor Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
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Civil Engineering Assistant/Assistant to the Land Surveyor City of Modesto California
- The current vacancy is assigned to Field Survey in the Construction Administration Division of the Public Works Department. Performs instrument work on field surveys, assists with the gathering and compilation of field data for layout of road beds, curbs, paving, gutters and sidewalks, establish tentative lines and grades and uses data collectors to collect information including field survey notes. ......

NEW Amerisurv career Opportunity...
Professional Land Surveyor Colorado DOT
- Do you like working in the professional survey field and having the opportunity to be out of the office? Do you like being challenged by a variety of work duties, applying your expertise to solve problems, interacting with many people, and seeing a project from inception to completion? If so, then come work for CDOT as a Professional Land Surveyor!......

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    The following articles from our December, 2007 issue have been posted to the Amerisurv website.


    Did-U-Know you can now download ALL the USGS DRGs for Free from the Internet Archive

    bookHistoric Map Collection -- Map of the State of Florida showing the progress of the surveys; from the annual report of the Surveyor General for 1856. Drew, Columbus. CREATED/PUBLISHED Jacksonville, 1856. SUMMARY Township map showing drainage, cities and towns, roads, trails, and location of two railroad lines in the northern part of the state. Stated scale reads: 12 miles to an inch. It is corrected in ink to read 18 miles. NOTES Scale ca. 1:1,140,480. 23"x24"

    Printed on acid-free museum quality paper, it is guaranteed to retain color and clarity for years to come. Due to the large size and high quality, each map in this collection is capable of being a center-piece for the room or space of your choosing. These unique reproductions are both fascinating and sure to please.

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