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The winter that wasn't is rapidly drawing to a close. Building-wise, we're hearing positive news from a few areas of the country, and I hope that includes you!
Our latest issue is circulating, but meanwhile, you can check it out by scrolling down. We've hit every aspect of the geo-industry in this edition: positioning and measurement, GIS, BIM, scanning, datums and more. Shawn Billing's Spotlight of the HP 50g is leading the Hit Parade.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Take it to the Limit
Your editor attended both the FARO User Conference in Orlando and the Vexcel UltraCam User Group Meeting in Boulder. Both were full of fascinating technology, and illustrations of our digital future....
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Surveying Rockets—Launch Vehicle Alignment Survey
United Launch Alliance (ULA) operates its Atlas 5 Launch Vehicle program at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), California. At VAFB, the vehicle is launched from Space Launch Complex ....
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Menkel Dennis 
Frames for the Future—Replacing NAVD 88--The Role of Geoid Models (Part 2 of 4)
Assuming funding allows the planned schedule, a new gravity geopotential-based vertical datum to replace NAVD 88 could be defined and nationally adopted by 2022 (since this ....
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A Well-Crafted Connection
Rockefeller University's $4.8 million Collaborative Research Center project is expected to do more than repair and modernize two aging research facilities. A parallel goal is to create an environment that facilitates and stimulates ....
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{small} Oregon City Makes Huge GIS strides
As the benefits of a comprehensive GIS effort have become more and more apparent, larger cities and municipal utilities have been steadily getting on board with the technology, citing it as something of a "no-brainer" in terms of better asset availability, increased accuracy, ease of ....
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Vantage Point: Helping Floodville
While most surveyors are familiar with the concept of flood insurance as one means of at least modest protection against the losses from flooding, not all realize that unlike other forms of insurance, there is a relatively low cap on the amount of coverage available. Furthermore, there are ....
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Product Spotlight: HP50g
Hewlett Packard has been developing products for land surveyors and engineers for four decades. In that time they have earned a well deserved reputation for bringing highly functional, quality devices, such as electronic distance meters....
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Topcon Volunteers Lend Physical and Moral Support to Japan Recovery
Several individuals at Topcon Positioning Systems, Livermore, Calif.—a subsidiary of Topcon Corp, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan—were so moved by the March 11, 2011 ....
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Footsteps: 10 Best Practices for Very Large Boundary Surveys
I haven't run across very many easy boundary surveys. Even most of the "small" ones can be quite complicated. However, large boundary surveys come with additional challenges. This article reveals 10 of the best practices I have developed to deal with the challenges of boundary ....
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feature Because I've grown tired of flying, when possible, I opt to drive to the various events I attend. Because of my artificial knee, TSA relegates me to the criminal patdown line at the airport, which I find enraging. So, for the recent FARO user conference in Orlando, I drove. South of Atlanta, I passed a surveyor alongside the Interstate.

Seeing surveyors on the road is a fairly common event for me, and if it's convenient, I always stop to say hi to my brothers (and sisters). But as I passed this particular surveyor at 75mph, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a FARO Focus 3D scanner. I made a U-turn at the next exit and drove up just as he was boxing the instrument.

It turned out it was a Focus, and the guy running it was David Dustin of Dustin Productions in Adairsville, GA. He was there gathering information for a car accident that had occured nearby. David is not a licensed surveyor, but has built a very successful business in forensic animations and crime scene analysis. And as it also turned out, he was making a presentation at the FARO event. The image above is from his presentation.

Perhaps some of you are sick of me telling you that technology is enabling non-surveyors to do things that always required a surveyor, but David is a good example of that. While alongside the highway, he told me he bought the Focus because of the price, and wasn't even sure what he was going to do with it, but now sees it as one of the best investments he's ever made. We're working on an article about the cool stuff David's doing with scanning, modeling and animation. The capabilities of the latest generation of software are unbelievable!

Sponsored by SPAR International

SPAR International is the only annual event where 3D innovators convene to discuss the state of the industry, learn best practices, share ideas across diverse business segments, and compare and qualify solutions from all the major 3D imaging hardware manufacturers and software developers. View the conference schedule, presenters list, exhibitor list, participating organizations, mobile scanning demonstrations, live demonstrations and networking opportunities. Register now.


Hemisphere GPS Announces New Vector GPS Compass Products
Matt Howard named as Johnson Engineering Surveying Director
Bluesky and ADAS Join Forces on Tree Mapping Projects
McKim & Creed Acquires Texas Surveying Company
Networking Set to Continue w/Parallel Events Broadening Dialogue at Intergeo
Bluesky Maps the Solar Power Potential of 500,000 Homes
ClearEdge3D Releases EdgeWise Plant 3.0
Septentrio and QinetiQ Partnership Delivers First Galileo PRS Signal Reception
Woolpert Buys Leica ALS70, Upgrades ALS60, for Enhanced LiDAR Acquisitions
Construction Unemployment Dips to 17.1 Percent in February
European and International LiDAR Mapping Forum Dates Announced
Spatial Energy and Blue Marble Announce New Alliance for Energy Market
LFM User Meeting - USA 2012 Date Announced
MAPPS Sends Letter to Iowa Governor, DoT with Concern for Laser Scanner Solicitation
Altus Positioning Systems Receives Certification to Sell Products in Russia
MDL Launches Technical Services Divison to Capitalise on Global Growth
StreetMapper Cuts Cost of Highway Surveying Projects by 50 percent
earthmine Launches New Video Program
Trimble Sets Date for International User Conference
$100,000 for Francis Alexander Garraway Memorial Endowment
Intergraph and DigitalGlobe Announce Geospatial Challenge 2012 Winners
John Ellis Retires from AeroMetric
Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc. acquires San Antonio Firm Coyle Engineering Inc.
Bluesky Launches New Thermal Mapping Service
See the Microsoft UltraCam Eagle and the future of UltraMap at ASPRS 2012
GeoEye Wins Contract from GE Aviation
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    bookHistoric Map Collection — A map of General Washington's farm of Mount Vernon from a drawing transmitted by the General. CREATED/PUBLISHED [S.l., 1801] NOTES Removed from: Letters from His Excellency George Washington, to Arthur Young, [etc.]. London, 1801. Scale 1:6,336. This map is 23"x18".

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