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It's been a busy few weeks... and I have a couple of events to report about. First is the Land and Poverty Summit, hosted by Esri in Washington, DC on September 28th. We take our land registration system for granted in the U.S., but for many parts of the world, people know what they own, but have no paper to back it up. No paper equals no means to leverage (borrow against) their land.
Judging by the fact that an article about this we had in our January issue has had more than 8,000 hits on our website, there's worldwide interest in the subject. The conference covered not only efforts around the world, but also had a keynote by world-reknowned economist Hernando de Soto. de Soto drew parallels between our current economic downturn and the fact that, unlike deeds and mortgages, there wasn't (and isn't) an adequate paper trail for all the financial derivatives involved in the banking meltdown.
Also of note was this year's Intergeo in Cologne, Germany. Billed as the world's largest geo show, it attracted more than 16,500 people. Walking the floor and seeing the more than 500 exhibitors, I couldn't help but be struck by the unbelievable amount of brainpower and achievement. Even though much of the world's geo-technology has originated in the U.S., other countries have taken it and run with it, and are making money with it.
We have posted our Intergeo flickr pics HERE. You can see one of the highlights of the show, and well as much of the news from the show by scrolling down. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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More on Apprenticeship. I have been following the discussions about this subject at various locations and in many forms for many years now. In Dave Gibson's article "Licensure by Apprenticeship: Effects on the Surveying Profession" [Vol 7, Issue 4], he makes some good points. However ...
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Surveyors Report: Making the Most of the Recession
The Barnett Shale, the second largest producing onshore domestic natural gas field in the US, stretches over North Texas. It is still actively being discovered. Young and Associates Surveying and Mapping, LLC was formed in 2007 as the Barnett Shale was booming for natural gas exploration ...
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feature Intergeo 2010 in Cologne... Arguably, one of the blockers to wide-spread adoption of laser scanning by surveyors as another tool in our toolbox has been the price of entry. In our March 2007 issue, I wrote about FARO, a Stuttgart, Germany-based laser scanner company. Since then, FARO's Photon scanner has enjoyed success around the world.

Before Intergeo, we traveled once again to Stuttgart for an exclusive first look at what many are calling a disruptive game-changer in scanning, the Focus3D. Four times lighter (11 pounds) and five times smaller (10" x 8" x4") than the Photon, the Focus3D can literally be slung under a person's shoulder. For more secure transport, the contrast between the formerly necessary huge case and a small Pelican case capable of being stowed in an overhead airplane compartment is dramatic.

Self-contained—no external cables or other gear needed—the unit FARO says is the smallest and lightest laser scanner ever built plays off of the popular Apple products with an iPhone-like interface that is simple and intuitive. FARO has built in a camera that, because it is co-axial with the laser optics, eliminates parallax errors and automatically gathers and processes color imagery for high-accuracy use with the scan data. Continuing with the trend of other manufacturers, FARO compares the Focus3D to a professional digital camera.

Capable of accurately reaching out to 120 meters, and priced at just over $41K, I see the Focus3D as being similar to a high-end total station. We spoke with FARO's Director of Marketing and Product Management Dr. Bernd Becker in Stuttgart and he mentioned the worldwide need for documentation. As surveyors have pondered possible uses for scanning to justify jumping in, again and again the need for daily scans to verify quantities and construction activity has popped up. And indeed, Becker indicated that one of the groups FARO intends to sell to is architects. As I have repeatedly said, technology is enabling non-surveyors to do things that always required a surveyor, so perhaps a pro-active effort by surveyors to go after this work would be smart business.
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Spatial Energy and Blueback Reservoir Introduce the Spatial Image Connector (SIC) Plug-in for Petrel Software
New Leica XPro 5.0 - Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Stereo-Viewable Frame Images from Airborne Line Sensor Imagery
Intergeo Boosts International Networking of the Geo-Industry
Episode 1 of “The Geospatial Revolution Project” is Now Online
Juniper Systems, Inc. Introduces New Logo and Brand Identity
Construction Unemployment in September Bumps Up to 17.2 Percent
SECO Brings New 196 mm Height Traverse Kit to Market
Leica Geosystems Announces New Airborne LIDAR Technology
Sokkia Releases the New SHC25 and SHC25A Data Collectors
Leica Geosystems Announces the World’s First Multispectral 60MP Airborne Camera
Ashtech Introduces Web Mission Planning
Spatial Media Acquires LiDAR News; Announced at InterGEO
Spatial Media Announces Machine Control Magazine; 4x in 2011
Nikon-Trimble Introduces New Nikon 1” and 3” Total Stations
Spectra Precision Introduces Additions to its Optical Survey Solutions and New Field Software Features
Trimble Expands Solutions to Help Surveyors Collect, Share and Deliver Data Faster to Minimize Rework and Improve Productivity
Trimble Updates GNSS Processing Tools to Support Esri ArcGIS 10 Technology
Trimble Introduces New Digital Sensor System for Aerial Mapping
Trimble Releases Next Generation of TerraSync GPS Data Collection Software
Trimble Releases Next Generation High Accuracy Real-Time GNSS Receiver for Mapping and GIS Applications
Trimble Introduces Forward Motion Compensation for its Medium-Format Aerial Camera
Barrick Selects Maptek Technology for Pascua-Lama Project
Hemisphere GPS Introduces R320 – Eclipse II Dual Frequency GNSS Receiver
Merrick Retained by Ventura Refining & Transmission
Leica SmartWorx Viva v3.00 – Capture, Sketch, Link and More New Features
Leica Geosystems Announces Leica Viva NetRover “Turn-on & Measure” GNSS Solution
Leica Viva TS15 – Robotic Imaging Total Station
Leica Viva TS11: the Advanced Manual Total Station with Imaging Functionality
FARO Introduces the Focus3D - the Smallest and Lightest 3D Laser Scanner Ever Built
Carlson Software Announces New Line of GNSS Receivers
FARO Announces the Release of the New SCENE Software for the FARO Laser Scanner
V-Line Technology for Mining Applications: Long Range Terrestrial Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-1000
Applanix Introduces POSPac MMS 5.4 for Robust Decimeter Level Positioning Without Base Stations
WS Atkins plc Completes the Acquisition of The PBSJ Corporation
PCI Geomatics Announces the Release of GXL Aerial
Capturing the Grit and Grid of Manhattan with Leica Geosystems HDS Technology
GeoSpatial Experts Releases GPS-Photo Link 5.0 with New GPS Cameras
World's Smallest GPS Module: 7x7x1.4mm Based on SiRF IV Chipset
Laser Technology, Inc. Releases LaserGIS for ArcPad
Deutsche Bahn Adopts Amberg Tamping Surveying Solution for Track Installation
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