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Our next issue is available online and will mail soon. As always, it's jam-packed with great content. Leading the Hit Parade so far is Bart Crattie's fascinating article about the Transcontinental Railroad. By the way, railroads will large part of the program at the upcoming Surveyors Rendezvous in Council Bluffs.
In addition to Bart's great article, the new magazine must be the Oklahoma issue because it contains another article titled Dust Bowl Gypsy. Written by Skip Theberge, the C&GS Historian, it's a charming account of a little-known character who both wrote and photographed his adventures on the nomadic crews who performed the triangulation. The Oklahoma connection for me—in addtion to the oil & gas connection in the Topographic article below—is that both of my parents grew up in western Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl and Depression. Scroll down to see the rest of the new articles.
As always, I hope things are well where you are, and that you are sharing in the uptick of work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. We appreciate your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Oil & Gas Surveying
With boots tied to the construction economy, it's no secret that surveyors have endured the worst economic downturn since the end of WWII. Those who have been surveying for a while have seen many ups and downs, but for each downturn, after at most a year, were able to get back ....
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Standing the Test of Time—John Keating & Topographic, Inc.
Most surveyors have at least one person they can credit with giving them their start in surveying. When John Keating opened Topographic Engineering in 1958 he hired high school kids to help perform the field work. Beginning in 1963, I was one of ....
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Pacific Railroad Crazy—The Story of Theodore Dehone Judah
October, 1860. In a cabin near Dutch Flat, California, two men consummate a contract. Surveyor Theodore Judah and druggist Daniel "Doc" Strong, both worn out, had spent the day climbing and studying a ridge. Some twelve years earlier, along ....
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Reconnaissance: Unwritten Easements and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
Section 5.E.ii. of the 2011 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys requires that the field work shall include "Evidence of easements or servitudes not disclosed in the Record ....
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Vantage Point: Smart Vent: Safety and Service
It's always pleasing to discover something new and impressive about someone you think you know well. When it's a company you've known for a long time, it's an extra pleasure. Smart Vent has been present at many of the floodplain management events I've attended over the years ...
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George E. Marsh: Dust Bowl Gypsy
George E. Marsh (believed to be George Everett Marsh Jr.) would have been completely forgotten if not for a wonderful photo album and a few writings that he called "Piffles and Jottings from the Desiccated West" apparently written as part personal ...
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How Wide is the Right of Way on a County Road?
When I was newly elected as the County Surveyor, the road department seemed to get a kick out of frequently referring calls to me concerning the right of way width of the county's roads. It was impossible to provide on the spot answers, since ...
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Footsteps: Determining Property Corner History
A critical step in every boundary survey is the determination of property corner history. In this installment of Footsteps, will discuss why this process is important and how to perform it. We will then consider a brief example that demonstrates what can happen when a boundary ....
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feature In addition to the two great history articles, the issue is rounded out by three boundary surveying articles. The first, from ALTA expert Gary Kent, pertains to unwritten easements and says, Surveyors should consider including Table A item 11(a) on every Land Title Survey—whether the client asks for it or not.

The second, by Mississippi surveyor Richard Tolbert, examines county road rights-of-way and concludes, Lacking a judgment, a prescriptive easement cannot exist.

Rounding out the boundary surveying articles in the issue is another instalment by Landon Blake. In this one, he discusses why the history of a monument is so important in retracement.

Last but not least is an insightful look by FEMA expert Wendy Lathrop at Smart Vent and how "Any device that requires human action to open it–such as a window, louver, door, garage door, or removable vent covering–does not adequately protect a building from hydrostatic pressure that can implode or deform a structure or even move it from its foundation.”
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MobileMapper 100 Wins Top Honors in Latvia State Forest Service Tests
Military Student Turns Passion for GIS Technology into a Valuable Career
INTERGEO 2012: “Cloud Computing Will Dominate the GIS Environment”
Wright State University Wins Top Prize at the 2012 Institute of Navigation 9th Annual Robotic Lawn Mower Competition
New Leica FlexLine plus Series: Now Available with Color & Touch Display
GeoEye Completes Critical Milestone for the EnhancedView Program
Intergraph Highlights Advanced Point Cloud Capabilities at Hexagon 2012
MAPPS/ASPRS to hold 2012 Joint Specialty Conference on Emerging Mapping and Geospatial Technologies
City of Edmonton Launches Pilot for Intergraph and Leica Geosystems GIS Solution
Leica Geosystems to Host Professionals From More Than 70 Countries, Posting Record-Breaking Attendance Numbers
General NANU 2012035 Concerning GPS SVN 62 (PRN25)
More than 3,000 Industry Leaders Think Forward at Hexagon 2012
The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data Explains Sources and Quality of Spatial Data
Leica Machine Controls Pay Off For Georgia Earthmoving Contractor
Seiler Instrument Announces Rental and Sale Availability of Trimble MX8 Spatial Imaging System
ORTHOSHOP Buys Second RCD30 Just Two Months after First Purchase
Nonresidential Construction Spending Slide Continues, Down 0.7 in April
Unemployment Rate for Construction Industry Dips to 14.2 Percent in May
GPS Program Releases NANU Announcing the Upcoming Leap Second
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    E-Magazine - Volume 9, Number 3, 2012
    • Editor's Corner • Guardians of the Rock • Frames for the Future
    • Congressional Land Actions • Industrial Equipment Tolerances
    • Surveying Chicago's Railway • Fearful Excitement: The Surveys of David Douglas • Product Review: Leica Disto 3D ...and more!

    E-Magazine - Volume 9, Number 4, 2012
    • SPAR International 2012 • Cruise Ship Wreck • Port of Miami Tunnel
    • Replacing NAD 83 • Interview with Tom Greaves • Champion TKO GNSS
    • Fripps Versus Walters • Cadastral Mapping • Riverbed Ownership
    ...and more!

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