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feature Hello Amerisurv user... As I write, it appears that we have dodged a couple of bullets hurricane-wise, but with two more lined up, who knows? Our hearts go out to those who have suffered, and we hope and pray the next two will turn out to not be devastating.
Our September issue is in the mail, and you can take a peek by scrolling down. I direct your attention to my visit to Applanix. I really enjoy making these company visits, because I not only know what these companies make, I can also think of ways to use their products.
Other articles in the new issue receiving a lot of website traffic include Gavin Schrock's RTN-101 on mapping and the article about how the COE is helping with wildfires. And as usual, John Matonich is right on with Surveyin' Da Situation.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Surveyors Get the Point
For me, the 6th annual ESRI Surveying and Engineering Summit represented a sea-change. While earlier meetings I attended were designed to attract surveyors into the world of GIS, the trend has taken hold and surveyors everywhere are busy incorporating GIS into their ....
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Point to Point: Can Retracements Be Confidential?
Do your clients have a right to expect that the survey you conduct for them will be confidential? Let's assume for a moment that mandatory survey recording laws did not exist (and indeed, they do not exist in most areas) and that no other obligation to divulge the results of the ....
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WowFactor: TPC Desktop 2008 Global Background Clearing
TPC Desktop 2008 is all about making it easier to work with your survey data and drawings. It's about doing less work and getting more done. Their new Global Background Clearing is a good example. We put a lot of information on drawings. Take a typical ALTA or ...
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Wildfire Maps Keep Agency Missions Blazing Forward
Blazing out of control wildfires have been sweeping across northern California this summer just as they did last fall in the southern region of the state and many times previously, leaving in their path death and destruction. These fires are ...
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Applanix: Solutions for Mobile Mapping and Positioning
It's a given that Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) don't work everywhere, for example if the signals are sufficiently blocked by such things as tree canopy, or urban canyons. Because of the need to locate things everywhere ....
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RTN-101: Mapping (Part 14)
Much of what surveyors do is essentially mapping, and much of mapping is/could/ would/should be characterized as surveying. But what certainly raises the blood pressure of many surveyors is when one puts the two terms in the same sentence, as I have just done. The debate over....
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The Marriage of GIS and Land Surveying (No Shotgun Needed)
Too often the GIS professional and the surveyor are at odds; a hoity-toity GIS guy looks askance at a muddy-booted surveyor who wants to pin him down on accuracy and ...
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Software Review: I-Site Studio 3.0 and 4400 Laser Scanner
It seems that every surveying magazine now overflows with stunning 3D images of everything from people, to cars, to historic landmarks, to infrastructure. Point clouds of intricate structures and shapes naturally captivate the geometrically adept mind. But what about the ...
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Product Review: SECO Poles and Prisms
Tired of prism pole slippage and non-adjustable prism pole bubble levels? Tired of tilting prism target assemblies that slip as you are walking back to the instrument or having to lift the prism pole out of the bipod ring, or not being able to adjust the "spring" out of ...
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Vantage Point: If Not Now, When?
June was a difficult month. A friend less than a year older than I am quickly succumbed to a resurgence of breast cancer. A colleague three years younger suddenly died of complications related to diabetes, although he had looked fine just a few months ago when I last ...
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Surveying `Da Situation: The Last Straw
It is bad enough that we've already had to endure months of election campaign rhetoric, but I read an article awhile back that was the last straw. I happened to be scanning the newspaper when I came across a piece reporting that the rock star Bruce Springsteen had ...
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Day, night, week-end, holiday, you name it... Amerisurv is updated 24/7 with the latest news and announcements affecting today's Land Surveying professional. Below are some of the latest items of interest.

feature Videos! - Gavin Schrock has posted a couple of new videos for Part 14 (which appears in this issue). Gavin's discussing "mapping-grade" GNSS, and because the subject—Who should be responsible for mapping?—can be controversial, he's hoping he'll get some feedback. You can read the article and see for yourself. In addition to Part 14, all of Gavin's videos for Parts 3, 7 and 10 are posted HERE. Part 7 is hilarious.

We surveyors encounter some pretty wacky stuff, and some of us are quite the comedian. Please consider adding to our online archives. If you think your video is worth posting, please contact me.

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Geomatics Research Helps Settle Property Disputes Around the World
New SECO Offset Bar Perfect For Hard-To-Reach Locations
Hemisphere GPS Announces Enhanced Eclipse Dual-Frequency GPS Receiver
Tri-Global Technologies Unveils Mobile Utility Suite
Nonresidential Construction Job Market Gains in August
Topcon Announces Henderson as GIS National Sales Manager
Researcher Maps Ancient Tombs in Oman with GPS-Photo Link Software
Unexplored Arctic Region to be Mapped
Carlson Software Introduces All New Data Collectors
Unexplored Arctic Region to be Mapped
Riegl Launches Innovative New V-Line of Laser Scanners
ABC Construction Spending Update
Topcon’s New Laser Scanner is Affordable, Perfect for Field Use
Topcon Telematics Business Unit Adds Savage and Ludchak
Topcon Acquires Voxis, Inc., Scanner Technology Leader
RapidEye Constellation Launched Successfully
ArcGIS Online Now Offers Quick Access to Premium Imagery Data
Fugro EarthData Wins MAPPS Project Of The Year Award
PBS&J Announces Changes, Additions in Company Management
Robert J. Paulsen Named President of PBS&J
Dewberry Receives Special Achievement in GIS Award from ESRI
New Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) To Impact Transportation Sector Workers
Maptek I-Site Technology Gains a Foothold in Booming Indian Resources Industry
California Land Surveyors Association Professional Development Program
MapMart to Offer Virtual Earth UltraCam Imagery for Offline Use
Spot Image Becomes Google Earth Enterprise Partner
GIS in the Rockies 2008 Announces Keynote Speakers
GeoEye-1 - Visualize home plate on a baseball diamond from Space!
GeoEye-1 Satellite Launches into Space from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Hurricane Gustav: USGS Maps Potential for Coastal Change
Spotlight - NAIP 2008 Imagery Makes its Debut in Texas at TNRIS
CH2M HILL President Jeff Akers and Dr. Chris Elvidge to Keynote Colorado Conference
Mashup maps Impact of Hurricane Gustav on oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico
Hurricane Gustav GIS data, Imagery and path compared to Katrina
New Features in Geographic Transformer 6.0
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    27th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference - October 26-29, 2008, Traverse City, Michigan. For managers, regulators and practitioners whose work affects or is affected by submerged lands management.

    GITA's First Annual GIS for Oil & Gas Conference - Calgary - Nov. 6-7, 2008, Calgary Marriott Hotel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The GIS for Oil & Gas Calgary Conference will build on the momentum from GITA’s GIS for Oil & Gas Conference held in Houston, Texas, every September.

    GITA's “How to Financially Justify Your Geospatial Projects” Two-day Workshop - Nov. 13-14, 2008 in Denver, Dec. 11-12, 2008 in Tampa. All types of organizations now have a unique opportunity to learn from GITA’s landmark research project, “Building a Business Case for Geospatial Information Technology: A Practitioner’s Guide to Financial and Strategic Analysis.”

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    The following articles from our August, 2008 issue are also available on the Amerisurv website.


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