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Our June issue is in the mail, and Carl Morton's story abut a cool app that is being used for archaeology is leading the Hit Parade. In second place is part 1 of Mike Pallamary's FEMA exposé which I wrote about in my last newsletter. Please scroll down to see the rest of the new line-up.
In Part 1 Mike shows how corruption and mismanagement can even affect the likes of FEMA. NBC did an investigation, and the FBI is also investigating instances of properties being removed from flood plains when they obviously shoudn't be. Of course, when this happens the rest of us take up the slack in the premium shortfall. In Part 2, Mike shows how these "new taxes" are occurring all across the country.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story you'd like to share. Plenty of great articles, something for everyone, and as always, from the only surveying magazine with a real surveyor as the editor.
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Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Monitoring Progress
In my April editorial I stated that an 11-hour outage of the GLONASS constellation was probably due to the uploading of a new ephemeris. I have since learned that since GLONASS satellites have inter-communication capability, only one station is necessary for uploading, and the ....
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A review of modern surveying technology essentials:  • InSphere™  • OxTS xNAV500 GPS/INS Module  • Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS Receiver  • Juniper Systems Archer 2 and Mesa  • Trimble eCognition 9  • Orbit GeoSpatial Mobile Mapping Blurring Tool ....
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Justin Barton 
Digital Heritage: Using Technology to Build Heritage Advocacy
The most fundamental key to cultural heritage preservation is advocacy. Without it, there will be no support, no funds, and no one to care for the built remains of our human story. Getting younger generations to advocate for cultural heritage is a daunting task; just ask National Park Service ....
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Gary Kent, PS 
Reconnaissance: The Surveyor's Roles & Responsibilities Part 2
In Part One, I explained an initiative by a number of noted professional surveyors from across the country promoting the idea that surveyors should take an active role in the resolution and prevention of boundary disputes. In this column we will explore that idea in more detail. There are at least ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: The Latest "R" Word
Marketing pushes everything as "sustainable" these days--everything from diapers to home construction materials. Living within our resources rather than trashing the future is where we should be headed, but too much "greenwashing" can dull the senses. The latest word to be used ....
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Curt  Brown 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Education for Land Surveying?
August 1957. The subject of land surveying if taken in a broad sense would include photogrammetry, geodetic surveying, mine surveying, planning and route surveys, and even hydrographic surveys. In a narrow sense many of us think of property line surveyor as being the land surveyor ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
FEMA Follies—Your Tax Dollar$ Hard at Work
The Federal Emergency Management Agency's role in our government is to be responsible for coordinating, preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made. As to the ....
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Chad & Linda Erickson 
Claim Jumping Surveyors Meet the Drop Kickers Part III
Someone once said that "You should never attempt to tear a man's house down until you have built him a new one". When the sequence is reversed, shall the man be faulted for putting up resistance, even if he is living in a house with a bad reputation, pin-cushion windows and ....
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Carl Morton 
Digging into Archaeology
Working on an archaeological excavation (or "dig") can be both thrilling and tedious. A dig can reveal artifacts and structures that provide important new information about the people who lived thousands or millions of years ago. But the work to find, document and sometimes remove the ....
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Certain land surveyors and lawyers out there have been pushing patently false notions for years about how the modern neo professional land surveyor must abandon their traditional role in society to become snake oil salesman rendering ownership opinions. These certain land surveyors and ....
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Albert “Skip” Theberge 
Wooden Towers
A major impediment to observing angles of large-area triangulation schemes was the curvature of the Earth. Assuming flat ground and an instrument height of 6 feet, the surveyor's world was constrained within a circle with a radius of ....
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C. Barton Crattie, LS, CFM 
Things I've Learned: Humble Observations from a Life in Practice
"Keep a sense of humor". In the March, 2014 issue of American Surveyor magazine, surveyor/attorney Walter Robillard quoted, then expanded on surveyor/President George Washington's youthful reflections regarding some words to live by. Some of my personal favorites from Mr. Washington ....
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featureThe subject of my new editorial above is the ongoing controversy involving ground stations in the U.S. for GLONASS. It's difficult to really determine what's going on, but one thing is for sure: politics has taken over. I have covered the situation to the best of my ability, but so far, have been unable to get to the bottom. I did make one mistake in my coverage, which I admit to in my editorial. I also clearly state why GLONASS is a good thing.

But just when we think we understand what Russia wants—monitoring stations—another article shows up in the Russian press stating that Russia wants more. Last week, I attended a CGSIC states and localities subcommittee meeting in Baltimore. I spoke with an Air Force Lt. Colonel to get a better handle on what is meant by an upload station and how that process works. I also spoke with a person from the State Department. As I expected he didn't express an opinion, but only pointed me to one of his slides: U.S. policy is to promote compatibility and interoperability with all GNSS systems.

Another slide was a bit more to the point: In the National Defense Authorization Act for FY14, signed into law last December, a section applies to the construction of GNSS ground monitoring stations controlled by foreign governments on US territory, and states that certification to Congress must be made that such stations cannot be used to gather intelligence or improve any foreign weapon system.

Some have accused me of being anti-Russian, but nothing could be further from the truth. During one of the trips I made to Moscow to visit Javad Ashjaee, one of our meetings ended after midnight, and not a word was spoken as we got into the taxi: we merely handed the driver a card with the hotel address on it. As we drove across the empty streets of Moscow in silence to our hotel, in broken English the cab driver’s voice came out of the darkness, “I was taught that you are my enemy.” It took us by surprise, but we quickly agreed with him. He had spent time on the Russian peace-keeping force in Kosovo, and had gotten to know Americans. And guess what, he discovered that, just like the world over, people are people, and it’s governments who create problems. It is my sincere hope that we can get past the politics of this situation, and get on with the business of precise positioning and measurement.

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Global Mapper LiDAR Module Released with Powerful Transformation Options
New GEO Business Show Unites Geospatial Industry
Use Your iPad to Generate Contour Maps
Sokkia Introduces GHX2 Network Rover
Nonresidential Construction Employment Declines in May
RIEGL USA to Exhibit at 2014 Joint Navigation Conference
Fugro and TRL Merge Highways Expertise in New Agreement
Intuicom Announces New Cloud-based Support Service for RTK Bridge-X
Esri CityEngine Increases the Power of Virtual Design
Graebert Announces World’s First Professional CAD Solution for Android
DataNumen DWG Recovery 1.5 Restores Even More Corrupted DWG Files
Scan Armor 1.2 for Focus3D presented at SPAR Japan by Gexcel & Sooki
Discover the Northwest with Revised Montana Maps
Nonresidential Construction Backlog Slides in Icy First Quarter
Leica Viva GNSS Unlimited Series
Leica Releases Pegasus:Two
FARO's SCENE 5.3 Software Provides Scan Registration without Targets
Intuicom Announces Next Generation RTK Bridge-X
First Ultracam Eagle in Australia Purchased by Advance Aviation Group
SuperSurv 3.2 for iOS Supports Cloud Storage
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