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Hello Amerisurv user... Our June issue is in the mail, it's the same page count it's been for years, and it's full of more great content. Last year, Wyoming LS Bill Chupka sent me a photo he had taken from 11,000 feet while flying along the Wind River Range. The Surveyor's Notch caught my eye, so I decided to put it on the cover. Of course, to get closeup pics, Bill and friends had to hike. You can see the results by scrolling down.
Also of note in the new issue is a history of Elgin Knowles & Senne and their astronomic observation software. If you, like me, spent a fair amount of time back in the day doing sun or star shots, you'll appreciate the article. Also, Rj Zimmer weighs in with another one of his excellent PLSS-GCDB-GIS articles. It demonstrates that there's plenty of work for surveyors in GIS!
To round out the issue we've got a couple of scanning articles. One is about marketing scanning services, and provides valuable information about how to make money with a scanner. The other is about the latest scanning wrinkle, mobile mapping. The entry price is steep, but I believe this represents a large part of the future of scanning.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Following the Footsteps, Old and New
Our cover this month pays tribute to a group of Wyoming surveyors who organized an expedition to Surveyor's Notch in the Wind River Mountain Range, following the footsteps of the Hayden expedition's surveyor/topographer/cartographer A.D. Wilson and ....
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Wow Factor: Image Integration: A High-Productivity Approach to Managing Digital Photography
Surveyors today employ a variety of ways for documenting their field surveys. Measurements and descriptions are recorded in electronic data collectors. Audio recorders can be used to record comments and ....
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Surveyor's Notch
It's March 2008. I'm in the office downloading data, and Jay says "Hey, I found something in a book I was reading about a feature in the Wind Rivers called Surveyor's Notch. Have you heard of that?" "Yeah," I reply, "it's right there by Wind River Peak. I can see it from the top of ...
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Celestial Observations: A Brief History of Elgin, Knowles & Senne and their Ephemerides
Until the early 1980s practically all surveyors used the Altitude Method to determine the astronomic direction of a line, based on a celestial observation of the sun. That method ...
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Marketing Techniques for Laser Scanning Service Providers
I frequently hear surveyors and office managers saying, "This scanning stuff, in ten years everyone will have it—­that's the future." That is confirmation that 3D Laser Scanning has been accepted among the general land surveying community. Those of you scanning for a ....
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Mobile Scanning is Good Business
Killer bees, 108-degree heat and minus 45-degree cold: these are conditions under which Clay Wygant has worked, and they're all too familiar to many surveyors. But what excites the senior surveyor and his team today is mobile scanning technology. Since implementing an Optech LYNX ....
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Hardware & Software Review: Carlson Surveyor and SurvCE
If you're in the market for an extremely durable, fast, comfortable and well-equipped data collector, check out the Carlson Surveyor. Based on drafting specifications by the folks at Carlson Software and using the very reputable people at Juniper Systems to make it a ...
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GIS Data Integration with the GCDB
In April 2000 by the Western Governors Association adopted the Bureau of Land Management's Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) as the preferred representation of the Public Lands Survey System (PLSS) for GIS applications. This is significant in the western states where ...
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Vantage Point: Watch Your Language
If we as surveyors sometimes find the language of deeds murky, imagine the misunderstandings among laypeople—many attorneys included. Recent clients had to defend themselves against new neighbors claiming a right to cross my clients' property, based upon recycled language in my ...
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Compass Pointers. In reference to "Training Recruiters: A New TwiST" by Tim Kent, LS, [Feb. 2009], here is a tip for compass pointing students. Take the pens out of your hand. A typical ball point pen will draw the needle considerably. Also, a cell phone within a few ...
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Survey Or No Survey: The Unlicensed Land Surveyor
When is locating someone's property corners or boundary lines not considered the practice of land surveying? Unfortunately, this question has become a gray area in the surveying profession, and some licensing boards are seemingly unable to control the actions of unlicensed ...
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feature First, I need to offer an apology for a coding error in the last newsletter. Those of you who clicked on the article links got a login error. Mea culpa, and it won't happen again! But please remember, you can go HERE to see any of the newsletters.

In connection with the scanning and GIS articles in the June issue, I would like to encourage you to attend both the first Optech user conference in Toronto at the end of the month, and the ESRI Survey & Engineering Summit, to be held in San Diego next month.

In these times of a reduced amount of work, you might think that travel is out of the question, but the current downturn has shown us that we need more tools in the bag than just land development surveying. Scanning and GIS are certainly growth areas for surveyors. More info about both conferences is in the Events section below.

The website is perking right along. Gavin Schrock's article about all the hype surrounding the supposed death of GPS has received a lot of traffic, as has Gene Roe's vision of the future. Both can be reached in the Exclusive Online-only area. Also in this area is another popular astronomic observations article titled What To Do When You Can't Use Your Total Station and GPS. This is a good primer for something that used to be routine for surveyors.

Please visit our website and discover for yourself the wealth of resource information, including industry news, product reviews, software reviews, Test Yourself, the WowFactor, videos, and much, much more.


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Fewer Nonresidential Construction Job Losses in May
ESRI Adds GIS Training Options for Organizations with Limited Travel Budgets
C & C Technologies Enhances AUVs with Camera System
Applanix Introduces the POSTrack 410 for Medium-Format Airborne Photogrammetric Cameras
Topcon Makes Initial Purchase of Italian Software, Hardware Company
Tiger Supplies Inc. Now Carries Topcon Surveying Products
New Service Makes Civil Engineering Research/Information Available Faster
LizardTech’s GeoViewer 3.0 Downloaded Thousands of Times During First Week of Release
Pacific Crest Appoints Industry Veteran to Lead Business Development and Sales for North America
COLUMBUS Version and Free Online OPUS Least Squares Utility Released
RETTEW Awards Scholarship to Nontraditional Student
General CADD Products Releases General CADD Surveyor 3D v7.1
Hydrographic Society of America Donates $5,000 to Local Houston School
Manual Of Geographic Information Systems Published by ASPRS
Trimble Access Software brings the field and office teams closer together by enabling data sharing and collaboration. Surveys can be completed faster with less time spent traveling back and forth to the office. Trimble Access software keeps your teams synchronized and connected, so you can handle whatever the day has in store for you.

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High-Country Energy Sites Get Environmental Reclamation Assist with MobileMapper 6
Tip - A Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping
Ordnance Survey recognises partner innovation at conference
Surdex Corporation Awarded Significant Contract with Dept. of Agriculture
Preview the Future on ERDAS Labs
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    Optech Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference - June 24-26, 2009, Toronto, Canada. Optech invites their current and prospective customers as well industry members to attend or exhibit. The Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference offers many opportunities for networking amongst industry colleagues, receiving updates related to survey and mapping solutions, and gaining insight into current lidar best practices. More information HERE.

    50th Anniversary Reunion of the Geodetic Survey Squadron - June 26-28, 2009, Cheyenne, Wyoming. This reunion will be special, as it coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of this unique and distinguished military organization on July 1, 1959. More information and contact info HERE.

    2009 ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit - July 11–14, 2009, San Diego, CA. Surveyors, engineers, and geographic information system (GIS) users are invited to enhance current practices, expand opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the latest GIS technology and the new markets it creates, by attending the 2009 ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit to be held at the San Diego Convention Center. More information HERE.
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    The following articles from our April/May, 2009 issue are also available on the Amerisurv website.


    Did-U-Know Glenn Letham at our sister site has compiled a state-by-state list of free imagery HERE

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