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LightSquared continues to be in the news. After I sent my last newsletter, John Deere—who uses GPS for precision agriculture—reported that the test blew out its on-tractor systems 22 miles from the transmitter. You can read about it HERE. June 15th is an important day because that's when the FCC-ordered final report is due. You can read about that HERE. Because LightSquared will wholesale the bandwidth, to give you an idea of the money involved, news reports have indicated that LightSquared and Sprint are looking at a $2 billion deal. We can only hope that the uprising by us stakeholders will squelch any encroachment into our spectrum.
In other news, the Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for PE & LS has issued a Position Statement on mortgage inspection surveys. The Board has continued to receive complaints from homeowners who have relied on these non-surveys to make improvements, even though there is a note on the document stating that they are NOT to be used for this purpose.
The Board has come up with an ingenious solution: henceforth, licensees will not put any dimensions on the drawing from the improvements thereon to the property lines. As expected, the title folks and the realtors do not want anything that will increase the cost of a closing, but the Oklahoma solution will prevent John Q from doing anything stupid. You can read about it HERE.
I hope you are planning on attending the Survey Summit in San Diego in July. Because it is being held in conjunction with the Esri UC and the annual ACSM conference, the presentation line-up is stellar. And it's not just about GIS—the program covers every aspect of surveying and mapping. More information HERE.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share. Thanks for your support.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, LS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: Angular Accuracy
Whether you first learned it in an early science class, or recall it twirling across the opening episodes of The Twilight Zone, Einstein's E=mc˛ formula expressed a special theory of relativity. Based on that theory, the development of nuclear energy was made possible, and with it, the ....
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Mr. Bilby's Elegant Assembly, Beautiful and Sublime
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Star Crossings & Stone Monuments
I was very pleased to receive an autographed copy of the USGS Circular #1362 ("Star Crossings and Stone Monuments ­Field Astronomy by the Wheeler Survey in 1870s Colorado," by William E. Wilson, PhD). You may recall the story of the Wheeler ...
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The Story of a Stone: A Reflection on Surveying and Colonial History
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Peter Canter and Andrew Stott 
Mapping Interior Space with Speed, Ease & Accuracy
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Rj Zimmer, LS 
GIS Matters: Point Data as GIS Features—ASCII
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Footsteps: A Review of Claudino versus Pereira
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Gavin Schrock 
Broadband vs. GPS
By now you have probably read a lot about the ongoing Broadband-vs-GPS controversy (as some call it)--could this spell certain disaster for GPS? Or will this be as much of a non-event as Y2K? No one knows for certain the full impact of what will happen when the broadband provider in question ...
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feature Our LiDAR expert Gene Roe (the editor of attended the Optech user conference last week and here's a peek at what he saw:

"I did not attend the first Optech Innovative Solutions Conference, but if it was anything like the second I really missed an important event. As the name implies "innovation" was center stage from beginning to end. From the announcement by Optech of a new shallow water (up to 10 meters) LiDAR that has the ability to also be used on shore, to a detailed report on the use of LiDAR in China and Taiwan for emergency preparedness.

With more than 40 presentations it is difficult to single out any one, but for me I think Paul DiGiacobbe's keynote on how HNTB is driving the use of mobile LIDAR into major highway construction projects gets the top presentation. Paul noted that the use of mobile scanning can be justified on the lowering of maintenance and protection of traffic costs alone, not to mention a number of other risk management strategies. Optech set the bar pretty high for their next event, but I'd be willing to bet they will deliver."

You can read Optech's after-conference press release HERE. Look for Gene's detailed account of the conference in a future issue of The American Surveyor."

Speaking of events, the inaugural Hexagon Conference is taking place this week in Orlando. Our team is on-site, taking in the sessions and social activities. The breadth of topics and range of technology is impressive; Hexagon's portfolio reaches far beyond the Leica Geosystems group we're most familiar with. We'll keep you posted on the announcements being made at the show, starting with the new entry-level ScanStation C5 scanner. See the news section below for more.

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ALTUS Positioning Systems is dedicated to providing customers with first class positioning system products and freedom of choice. Our Engineers have been involved in Survey products since the beginning of the Satellite Surveying Era. We are committed to ease of use, a low cost of ownership and flexibility to accommodate different working environments.

It's time to buy Altus.


New Leica ScanStation C5: Scalable, Entry-level Laser Scanner
Sidwell Announces Parcel Fabric Services and Solutions
Hexagon 2011 International Conference: Stage Set for the Event of the Year
National Geodetic Survey Announces National Adjustment of 2011 Project
Hexagon AB Commences Inaugural Conference and Announces New Focus
Aero-Photo (1961) Inc. Upgrades to Microsoft UltraCamXp
Topcon’s IP-S2 is Winner of Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ Award
Optech Wraps Up Successful Lidar Conference
Russia Plans to Launch Six GLONASS Satellites in 2011
Seiler Named Distributor for Trimble’s MX8 Spatial Imaging System
The 2009 BLM Manual of Surveying Instructions – Why and How
Construction Employment Edges Higher in May
Trimble’s RealWorks Software Suite for 3D Scanning First to Provide the E57 E2807 Data Exchange Standard
European LiDAR Mapping Forum Launches Call for Papers for 2011 Event to be Held in Austria in November
Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for PE & LS Proposes Change in Regulation of Mortgage Inspection Reports
Private Nonresidential Construction Spending up 0.5 Percent in April
For True Least Squares, It’s Time to Move Over to MOVE3
ILMF 2012 in Denver Launches Call for Papers
NavCom Announces the Release of the LAND-PAK Survey System
Optech Announces Shallow Water Mapping Solution
MicroSurvey Releases embeddedCAD
Optech Announces New Waveform Digitizer for ALTM
Hemisphere GPS Announces New LX-2 L-Band OEM Board for its Crescent and Eclipse GPS Receivers
FEMA Launches Hazus 2.0 Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Methodology
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    Did-U-Know Glenn Letham at our sister site has compiled a state-by-state list of free imagery HERE

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