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Happy New Year! Our latest edition is in the mail and it's full of more great content. Leading the Hit Parade so far is the article about measuring and modeling a 2,500-year-old Israeli archeological site. Over the years, I've noticed that any article about Israel generates a lot of traffic. Scroll down to see the rest of the new articles.
The Financial Cliff is past us (sorta). Unaddressed in all the wrangling is the unbelievable debt our country has racked up. And as for a decent construction economy, ABC reports that construction employment is up, and even residential construction employment is up, but both are still way down year-on-year. All we can hope is that construction activity will result in work for surveyors.
We're hard at work on the next issue. It promises to be controversial. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Editorial: The New Normal
The 2012 election is behind us, and the American people have decided to continue with the current administration. From a surveying perspective, it remains to be seen what impact this will have on commercial construction, however I'm encouraged to report that in some parts of the country ...
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Christopher Gill 
Monitoring: A Fast-Growing Discipline
Monitoring--an intermittent series of observations in time, carried out to assess compliance with a specified degree of deviation from an expected norm--is an increasingly critical component in today's project environment, as analysis of monitoring data ....
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Terri L Turner 
Don't Forget that Flood Certification!
A flood zone, a floodplain, or, in modern terminology, a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as any "area having special flood, mudflow, or flood-related erosion hazards, and shown on a Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM) or a ....
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Justin Height 
The Tepusquet Boundary Survey—­Part 2
Four items of modern technology greatly enhanced the performance of the field survey of this project: smart phones, all-terrain vehicles, GPS survey equipment, and Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). Typically surveyors ....
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James D. Nadeau 
Beyond the Boundary: A Strong Foundation
In a world of tangibles and not of analogies, foundations and buildings are constructed by real people using real data and materials to plan, design, obtain approvals, and build structures or on-site improvements that will functionally and aesthetically stand the test of time. As the three ....
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Landon Blake 
Footsteps: Avienda San Juan Partnership vs. the City of San Clemente
In this installment of Footsteps we review a recent court case that involved "spot zoning" of a 2.85 acre parcel in the City of San Clemente, California. A review of this case will help us become more familiar with the principles of land zoning in the United States. The case also has important lessons ...
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Stephen C. Blaskey 
GIS: Just a Tool: Myth #4
Now that you have a GIS System that is managing all of your current activities you need to create a way to get your Historic Surveying Information into your GIS. In order to tackle this task we will need to divide your Historic Data into two different categories: "Before GIS" and ....
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Chuck Karayan 
Record Title: Part 3—Chain-Of-Title Problems
This is the third of a three part series examining Record Title which essentially was the subject of both of Curtis Brown's books (Boundary Control and Legal Principles, and Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location). Black's Law Dictionary defines Record Title as: title to ....
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Danial L. Perry 
Geospatially Measuring & Modeling Israeli Archeology Site
For thousands of years this site has been called by Bedouin's "Beit Lehi," translated from Hebrew meaning "House" or "Ruins of Lehi" and Lehi meaning "jaw bone." Located approximately 25 miles southwest of Jerusalem on an Israeli military base ....
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Wendy Lathrop 
Vantage Point: Zoned Out
Surveyors are inquisitive and observant, and we notice activities in our surroundings even when we are far from home. So it is not unusual that on a recent trip to Texas I was intrigued to learn that one of the state's major cities lacks what I always thought of one of the fundamental forces ....
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3D laser surveying has become an important enabler of efficient plant revamp and upgrade projects. This AVEVA business paper describes how plant owner operators and engineering contractors can gain maximum value from this powerful technology, to reduce the cost, risk and downtime of plant modification projects. Readers will gain valuable insight into avoiding common mistakes in the use of laser scanning and ways in which 3D scan data can become a valuable asset for plant lifecycle management.


feature You, like me, are probably trying to make a guess about what 2013 will bring. As I mentioned above, statistics are all over the board. The image at right, courtesy of ABC, shows the curves from 2002 to present. But we know there's pent-up demand, so hopefully, construction will pick up in the new year.

In talking to surveyors across the country, I have learned that the remaining companies have shed people and implemented technology, and although backlog is not large, they have enough work to keep the doors open.

To deal with the down economy, we have diversified our offerings as well, and while some of you have expressed displeasure at the abundance of laser scanning articles in the magazines, we, like you, are striving to remain afloat. If you are interested, please check out LiDAR News and Machine Control Online. Based on my 50 years in the business, I believe these technologies represent the future.

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Spheron-VR Issues New Version of its SceneWorks Solution
Nation’s Construction Industry Adds 30,000 Jobs in December
ASPRS Certification Program Accredited by CESB
MDL Grows its South African Presence as Optron Announces Quarryman Service Capabilities
Nonresidential Construction Spending Slips 0.6 Percent in November
McKim & Creed Acquires Nationally Recognized Engineering Firm
SuperGeo to Launch Enhanced SuperGIS Software in Q1 2013
FCC Won't Enforce Build-Out Requirements on LightSquared
Corvallis Microtechnology Releases Farming GPS GIS App
RIEGL VQ-820-GU Hydrographic Airborne Scanner Successfully Integrated in Schiebel Unmanned CAMCOPTER S-100
FCC’s Consideration of LightSquared’s Requests Must “Not Come at Expense of Critical GPS Services”
SPAR Point Group Announces Advisory Board for SPAR International 2013
World Class Speakers Attract Record Visitors to European LiDAR Mapping Forum
Rockland County Uses Sewall GIS Tool to Streamline Response to Sandy
Oceanscience Hydrographic Survey Z-Boat—Visible from Space
Maptek Customers Learn From Global Experts at South America Users Conference
JAVAD GNSS Announces TRIUMPH-VS Software Update
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