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We hope you had a great Christmas and that 2016 will be a great year for you! The construction economy continues to bump along, with some surveyors I talk with complaining about a lack of backlog. Sure, many have work, but beyond work in progress, don't see much on the horizon. Regardless of the circumstances, I refuse to accept this as the New Normal.

Our January issue is distributing, but meanwhile, you can check out individual articles by scrolling down. We are pleased to announce that Bob Foster will now be writing for us. And just in time for the upcoming NCEES meeting about the future of surveying in San Diego, Bob's Thought Leader piece asks questions about boundary surveying versus cadastral surveying. Mike Pallamary will be representing us at the NCEES meeting and he will continue to advance the importance of traditional field surveying and apprenticing as a valued facet of licensure. More about this in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue you can click on the magazine cover to the right, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Thought Leader: How Good is Good Enough?
We are constantly confronted by new conceptual expressions. Some are merely expressions of enduring practices or Ideas, like "environmental pollution load," which is a fancy way of quantifying a condition of unacceptable things like dirty water and air. The term "spatial analysis ....
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Survey Locales  
Survey Locales
Well here it is ...fall in the Alaska wilderness, beautiful, pristine, and peaceful, Until a 1,000 lb. grizzly comes charging out of the bushes to spoil the moment. I'm not much a fan of working in bear country but I'm working in it most of the time. I just prefer ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: Bridging the Digital (Flood Data) Divide
The first Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC) to FEMA noted in its very first report (1996) that embracing the digital environment would improve efficiency in generating, managing, integrating, and distributing flood data. The National Research Council's 2009 report, "Mapping the Zone: ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Curt Brown Chronicles: The Challenging Future for the Land Surveyor
The purpose of a closed book examination is to test a person's knowledge of common, well-known laws of science, mathematics, techniques, and other fundamental areas of knowledge that should be recalled purely from memory. If trigonometric functions or other constants are necessary in solutions ....
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Chad & Linda Erickson 
Firestorms & The Surveyor
After an early and hot spring, a hotter summer, and the moisture content of live trees dropping to 50%, from August 10th to the 24th of this year our community of Woodland, Idaho was literally surrounded by wildfires. From our home, the fires were ....
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Larry Trojak 
Risky Business
In utility installation, when the most direct route from Point A to Point B is not do-able because of an impediment--a structure, a road, a stream, etc.--contractors in that field most often turn to horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This technique uses ....
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 Maune And Horner 
Denali (Mount McKinley) Elevation Campaign
In August 30, 2015, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the highest mountain in the United States and North America, formerly known as Mount McKinley, would be officially given the traditional Koyukon Athabascan name of Denali. This announcement was the culmination of ....
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C. Barton Crattie, LS, CFM 
Rendezvous 2015: Surveyors of the Salish Sea
Just think of the United States as a big old box or rectangle if you will, at least the United States of the first five years of my life. No Alaska, no Hawaii. Going clockwise from the upper right, Maine. The lower right, sunny Florida. Move to the left and there's ....
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Eric Stahlke, PS 
The Final Voyage - Part 6
Our grand plan for the summer was coming together at last. While the Seloohge was working its way up the Koyukuk River towards Hughes, TCC's other survey crews were putting in townships with a helicopter in the distant Kanuti River highlands, staying at a pipeline era truck stop on the ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
The HP 35s Calculator: Linear Equations and Land Development
Linear equations are powerful solving tools especially when unleashed from classroom confines of counting the number of legs on chickens and cows. We can utilize systems of linear equations for many applications like solving intersections, estimating project supplies, and in this case land ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself: Unusual Curve Formulae
Show that TAN D = E and COS D = ??? Dave Lindell retired after 36 years with the City of Los Angeles. He keeps surveying part time to stay busy and keep out of trouble. For the solution to this problem (and much more), please visit our website at: www.amerisurv.com. Good luck! ....
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Without question the vast majority of land transactions in Arizona are executed without the presence of visible property corner monuments, placing the buyers at great risk of litigation and loss. Because we can only think in terms of full surveys, the survey profession is as guilty as any for ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Angle Points: Smoots and Anchors
I enjoy the use of the English language, especially with regards to writing and communication. As Land Surveyors, we employ a broad range of terms, some common and some not so much. Indeed, one of my greatest pleasures is reworking words and phrases into a tangible way of communicating. This ....
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Under the name The Future of Surveying 2016 Summit, NCEES has convened a meeting in San Diego on January 22. NCEES President David Widmer, PS, appointed a task force to "evaluate the current state of the surveying profession in terms of what NCEES can do to mitigate the low number of candidates seeking licensure as professional surveyors and better market the value of a career in the surveying profession."

My concern is that many of the so-called stakeholders for the summit have no real interest in boundary surveying. NCEES and the education community are primarily interested in more customers. In our society there is nothing wrong with this for either group, but as I recall, the oath I swore each time I became licensed was to protect the public. This is what licensing does. Handing out surveying licenses to foresters or environmentalists will not protect the public's property lines. Nor will GIS coordinates for property corners.

If you've been reading the magazine you know we've been all over this subject, with our unwavering position being that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to boundary surveying. But we're dealing with something I've never seen in my 50+ years of surveying: a long-term challenging construction economy that has resulted in fewer young people entering the profession.

The reason why there are fewer young people going into surveying is because there's no light at the end of the tunnel job-wise. Create a healthy construction economy and they will come. Like they always have. I see every subscription that comes in for the magazine, and even with the lousy economy, there are still plenty of folks who identify themselves as Field or Technician (not licensed). Our society has plenty of room for four-year graduates and traditional avenue practitioners. Those who want to become licensed will follow that path. But the growth of both depend on stuff being built. Period.

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Nonresidential Construction Spending Slips in November
GeoCue Announces Release of LP360 2015.1
Phase One Industrial Announces New Metric Cameras
New Badger State Topo Maps Put TIGER in the Tank
Nine Types of Clients You Should Cut Loose in 2016
3D Services Now Offers Underwater 3D Laser Scanning
Schedule Optimizer Now Features Block Model Scheduling
iSTAR Panoramic Camera to Support Digital Preservation
Tallysman Introduces Wideband Inline Amplifier
Bluesky and FATMAP to Create Interactive 3D Ski Maps
Pennsylvania's Bat Population Receiving High-Tech Protection
Velodyne Displays Mobile Mapping with 3D Lidar Sensors
CEE HydroSystems Opens Office in San Diego, USA
Geographic Calculator 2016 Now Available
Dewberry to Guide Pipeline Open Data Standards
Fugro and Lidar Bathymetry Surveys in Canada
3D Laser Mapping Expands With New UK Headquarters
Dewberry to Support Three FEMA HMTAP Task Orders
Construction Material Prices Plunge in November
Hemisphere GNSS Appoints Randy Noland as New VP
Satlab Expands European and US Presence
New Leica ULTRA Locator
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