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Our August issue will mail soon, and Justin Barton's article about digital heritage is leading the Hit Parade so far. In second place is an article from Indiana surveyor Michael Feldbusch about fieldwork omissions.
This month's cover story is another submission from Mark Silver in which he relates his experiences with a dinosaur dig in eastern Wyoming. I expect this article to move up the Hit Parade rapidly once word gets out. Cool project, more about it below.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story you'd like to share. Please scroll down for plenty of great articles, something for everyone, from the only professional magazine dedicated to surveying.
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Editorial: AEC Summit
I recently attended this event, held in conjunction with the annual Esri user conference in San Diego. Renamed from the Survey Summit in an attempt to attract more geo disciplines, the effect was just the opposite: as the Survey Summit, the event routinely drew 300-400 people, but this year ....
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FieldTech: Surveying Technology Essentials
Topcon FC-500 Data Collector  • Sokkia GHX2 Network Rover
• MicroSurvey FieldGenius v7   • Leica Viva GNSS  • Globalstar's Sat-Fi  • Trimble 4D  • Neptec OPAL-360  • Orbit GT Mobile Mapping  • Leica Geosystems Pegasus:Two ....
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Justin Barton 
Digital Heritage: Using 3D Reality Capture
The AEC industry understands the value of having good documentation, from construction through to long-term facilities management; this is partly why BIM is being rapidly adopted and LiDAR is used to inform it. Cultural heritage experts also recognize the importance of documentation for ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
Angle Points: Moving Forward
I have received a lot of comments from across the country on my two-part article FEMA. They have all been positive and uplifting. As is evident, there are a lot of problems in our profession and as with all things in life, each and every one of us must make decisions. Some are harder than others ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: Ankle Deep, Knee Deep, or Higher?
Hurricane Amanda and Tropical Storm Boris have already sloshed and wind-blasted their way through Central America. Amanda arrived a week before the official June 1 start of hurricane season, with Boris close behind. It's time to assess our storm surge prediction tools. While such storms ....
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Curt  Brown 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: A 1968 Review of Boundary Control
One of the many things I learned from Curt had to do with being in the surveying profession, after hours, if you will. Far too many surveyors clock out at the end of the work day and leave it at that. Every one of us has encountered something unique on the job. Why not share that with ....
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Mark Silver 
The Dinosaur Surveyors
Eastern Wyoming, Almost South Dakota. For the last 15 years Dr. Art Chadwick, with the help of hundreds of students and volunteers, has been compiling a 3D digital picture of a massive 5000+ acre Upper Cretaceous period dinosaur bone bed ....
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Adrian Holzer 
Surveying in Pemba: A First Person Report
Editor's Note: Lying just off the east coast of Africa, the island of Pemba is part of the Zanzibar archipelago of the nation of Tanzania. In 2009, the Zanzibar regional government initiated a project to rehabilitate roughly 45 km (28 miles) of rural roads ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
Two Nifty Programs Make Your HP 35S Calculator "Cry And Sing!"
I often think of this line when it comes to programming HP calculators. I've seen many a person "skin that smoke wagon" for no other reason than their fingers only go up to ten. HP RPN calculators are one of the most powerful and oft overlooked tools that a surveyor can employ. The HPS 35s ....
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C. Barton CrattIe's point #15: "Math to a surveyor is like cocaine to a dopehead" (June, 2014 issue of American Surveyor) was like an exclamation point for our current survey. In the year 1893, at the south line of Section 13, T31N, R4E, BM, a County surveyor recorded in his Survey #3 that ....
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Albert “Skip” Theberge 
Coast & Geodetic Survey: The Crews
Tough men, strong men, dedicated men. Men who took a job showing light to feed themselves for a few months. Other men who spent thirty or forty years packing into remote stations, climbing towers, clearing lines. Men dedicated to a lifetime ....
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Michael F. Feldbusch, PS 
Responsible Charge: Expecting Land Surveyors to be Error Free
Of course, the subject line is ludicrous; no manager expects any employee to be error free, and in fact, for new employees with little experience, errors are expected. This is part of the learning process. We also know that new, inexperienced employees need a much closer and more watchful eye ....
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It enables you to enter the world of mobile scanning with a manageable path to achieving return on investment and effective cost per collected point.


feature Over the years I've been contacted by a few archaeologists and paleontologists who wanted advice on mapping their digs. Notoriously under-funded, and often nowhere near electricity for battery charging, I usually ended up recommending a plane table and alidade.

But as you will see in Mark Silver's 3D Dino Dig article, for years he has been applying state-of-the-art positioning, mapping and model making to a unique dig in eastern Wyoming. Spread out over a huge area, the dig is unlike most digs in that there are few complete skeletons. Rather, the gazillion bones are all jumbled together in a one-meter-thick "soup."

You can read the article for a theory about why the bones ended up this way, but the 3D model is a perfect application for trying to make sense of the disparate locations. Shown in the pic is Justin Woods holding a rare pic of an Ashtech Z-Max. I say rare because this model never really took off, but in my opinion was one of the most beautiful receivers ever designed. On the right is paleontologist Dr. Arthur Chadwick, holding a Javad Positioning Systems Odyssey receiver, circa 2000, with the famed “Minter” minimal interface, consisting of one LED and one button.

Also of particular note in the new issue is another installment from Skip Theberge about USC&GS surveyors of yore. The picture titled Freighting in Texas with a Barrel Wagon is a hoot. As Skip says, these were tough men, strong men, dedicated men, a breed apart who surveyed our Nation.

Sponsored by INTERGEO

INTERGEO 2014 in Berlin is the 20th chapter of the leading international conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. Geoinformation has moved to the heart of society and provides the key to solving the challenges of our 21st century world. Modernising transport routes, mobility and expanding broadband all require the increasing digitization of our infrastructures - in the form of good governance via e-government. Climate change, the energy revolution and flood prevention will also receive a prominent place on the conference agenda.


Nonresidential Construction Employment Regains Momentum
Topcon Announces MS AXII Measuring Station
Mapping the Gridiron Greats: Esri Story Map Updated for 2014
GEOCART Purchases Ultracam Falcon in Germany
New Esri Book Proposes Changes to US Land Records System
USGS Readying For Next Big Storm: Tide Sensor Network
Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expands 5.5 Percent
Take a Trip to the Islands
Velodyne’s 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables Embry-Riddle Roboboat Competition
The Next GPS Launch
Scientists Predict Massive Urban Growth in Southeast in Next 45 Years
Trimble and Bentley Accelerate Information Mobility
International LiDAR Mapping Forum Announces Call for Papers for 2015 Event
eGPS Solutions Strengthens Survey Support with Leica Geosystems
Neptec Technologies and Peck Tech Consulting Launch Joint Venture
GRACE Satellites Help with U.S. Drought Monitor
Double Maptek Scholarship Win for Adelaide Mining Engineering Students
Carlson Survey 2015 Provides Greatly Enhanced 3D Options
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