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Hopefully, the icy weather that is gripping parts of our nation is not unduly affecting you!
Our February issue is out, scroll down to see the articles. Of particular interest to me is Mike Pallamary's follow-up on the struggles he's been having with the City of San Diego. We're also excited to have our "Fabric of Surveying" series back in the magazine. Stewart Nash brings us the "Initial Point of Montana" this month.
I provide more of a behind-the-scenes look at the new issue in the Spotlight below. As always please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a project or story you'd like to share.
Until next time,
Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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This issue contains lots of great stories, ranging from technology applications to regulations to boundary surveying to history to human interest. Because it is overcrowded with traffic, European towns and cities often only have one direction to go to provide parking and lessen ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Angle Points: City of San Diego Responds to Grand Jury Report
Following issuance of a detailed 15-page report outlining a number of concerns with the City of San Diego's Field Survey Group and related Records Department, in accordance with the State of California Penal Code, the city issued a court mandated response. The reply and recommendations ....
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Fulvio Bernardini 
Challenge Beneath San Giusto
Many European cities are taking hard looks at the issue of planning sustainable mobility. Many of the Old Continent's most important cities are adjusting their management policies to reflect modern guidelines. The new requirements include ....
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Gina Velde 
Out of Africa
Total stations are used in archaeology to accurately record positioning information of artifacts, sediment and fossils as they are discovered. This information is then used to create 3D GIS models of the excavation site to help archaeologists ....
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Luann Glenn, LSIT 
Rumors around our office hover over us like a tree canopy. Hushed conversations grow quiet when we walk near and an eerie, friendly manner oozes from CADD techs. It's just too quiet here. Like a walk through a haunted house, there is that unknown surprise somewhere in the ....
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Stewart Nash, PS 
Initial Point of Montana
One hundred and two years before Montana became the 41st State, the 1787 Northwest Ordinance established the rectangular survey system to make possible the transfer of Federal Lands to private citizens. That ordinance established the precedents by which the United States ....
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János Faust 
Terrestrial LiDAR and UAV Aerial Triangulation for Open Pit Mines
Say what you will about the past few years, it has produced some useful tools for the surveyor. First, LiDAR technology made it possible to collect high-density 3D data with spectacular speed, so that now almost any surveyor can afford a terrestrial LiDAR scanner. This has created a ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS 
Vantage Point: Mitigation Matters
There is a difference between "hazard" and "risk" in the emergency management world. The first term refers to something that can cause harm (a flood, a fire, a volcanic eruption) and the second to the probability of experiencing danger or harm from that hazard. When we talk ....
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I believe Curt Brown wrote about how the better men will not stay at the chainmen level. Those so inclined to the challenge would eventually rise above their current positions, looking for greener pastures. Granted, licensure does not automatically entitle one to the status of expert ....
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The Curt Brown Chronicles: Brilliant Boner—Part 2
Curt always enjoyed his “The Surveyor and The Law” columns. Prior to the Internet, sending letters into the ACSM journal was always a good way to address inquiries as to sound surveying procedures. Oftentimes, Curt’s replies would generate dialogue and occasionally a bit of controversy ....
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feature One of the things our country has been blessed with is a lot of space. If you visit Boston, you can get a feel for what the cities and towns in Europe are like: narrow streets, and way too much traffic congestion. As you move farther west, our cities and towns get more roomy.

Even though I spent 1968-71 in Germany in the Army, I didn't return to Europe for a visit until 1996. Upon returning I was shocked at what my sleepy little town in Germany had become, mostly by the traffic gridlock. After that, I discovered that Europe has reacted to the traffic problem in a unique and creative way: going down. In the U.S., we typically just erect another above-ground parking deck, but because of heritage, cost and crowded conditions, the Europeans often don't have a choice.

The San Giusto article is one such instance of going underneath the center of an Italian town to construct a massive underground parking garage. In the image at right, you can get a feel for how many levels the garage has and how drivers and pedestrians enter and exit. The logistics of such "downtown" construction are mind-boggling, and open up a whole host of surveying work not for only layout, but monitoring as well.

ILMF 2014: February 17-19, Denver, Colorado USA

The International LiDAR Mapping Forum is a technical conference and exhibition focused on the use of airborne, terrestrial and bathymetric LiDAR and mobile mapping systems. ILMF spotlights the use of LiDAR to support transport, urban modeling, coastal zone mapping, land and natural resource management, utility asset management, 3D visualization, GIS and other applications.


LizardTech Launches Express Server 9
CompassData Surpasses 26,000 Ground Control Points in Commercial Archive
AVEVA brings Step Change in Innovation to ARC World Industry Forum
Maptek Vulcan 9 Released to Global Customer Base
Nonresidential Construction Spending Falls in December
Prep for Sochi with Collection of Interactive Olympic Maps from Esri
Juniper Systems’ Archer Field PC Records Elevation of Peak
Proteus and TCarta Marine Team to Offer Bathymetry
DotProduct Co-founder wins ENR Newsmaker Award
StreetMapper to Laser Map Indian Infrastructure
High Resolution, Digital Bathymetry Now Available Off-The-Shelf
Dawood Regional Manager Appointed to Community Boards
Nine GNSS Frequencies Available through New JAVAD GNSS Receiver
New Sokkia DX-200 Expands Robotic Working Range, More
Psomas Taps Matthew Clark as Director of Engineering
Alaska Confirms 100 Percent Engagement in eRecording
Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expanded in Fourth Quarter of 2013
VRMesh v8.0 Released for Point Cloud and Mesh Processing
Gov. Hickenlooper Renames Colorado's 14ers to Honor the Denver Broncos
Blue Marble Releases Global Energy Mapper v15.1
Map Documenting Olympic Controversies, Scandals, and Stardom
Thomas Chicca, PE, Joines Soltesz in Rockville Office
Optech Says Farewell to Dr. Doug Houston
Successful Test Flight of First Professional Grade Civilian Mapping UAS
Yotta Seeks New Horizons with U.S. Launch
GeoSpatial Experts Launches GeoJot+ for Windows Mobile
Obituary for Karl Soar – Paving Sales Manager for Leica Geosystems
Interactive Maps from Esri Add Geographic Context to the Super Bowl
CompassTools Hires Sales Manager for Nebraska, Minnesota and Dakotas
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