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Our November issue is distributing and it contains more great content for practicing surveyors. Our lead cover feature is about a cool project high in the Colorado Rockies. One of the authors, Robert Loane, has written for us twice before: HERE and HERE, and this installment is about a critical water project for Fort Collins.

Also in the new issue is a great John Stenmark article about global sea level rise. Whether you agree with the proposed solutions or not, we can see the effects of apparent climate change all around us. We've lived in Maryland since 1987, and this is the first summer we've had to run the airco 24x7 for nearly three months. More about the new issue in Spotlight below.

To see the flippy of the new issue click on the magazine cover, or scroll down for individual articles. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got a story to share.

Until next time,

Marc Cheves, PS
The American Surveyor

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Robert W. Foster, PE, PS 
Thought Leader: The Mega Cities
A mega city is an urban area of 10 million population or more. The Economist "Pocket World in Figures" 2016 Edition lists 33 mega cities of the world from Bangalore, India at 10.1 million, thirty-third on the list, to number one Tokyo, Japan at 38.0 million. Two American cities are included on the ....
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Jason E. Foose, PS 
Decided Guidance: Case Examinations - Testimony
According to Black's Law Dictionary evidence is "Something (including testimony, documents, and tangible objects) that tends to prove or disprove the existence of an alleged fact." Black's also defines a fact as "Something that actually exists; an aspect of reality. Facts include not just ....
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Michael J. Pallamary, PS 
The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Surveyor and the Law
At the last annual convention of the Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers,* in a discussion with W. F. Roberts, Director of Surveys, Province of New Brunswick, Canada, a comment was made that United States books pertaining to the legal elements of property ....
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Loane, Hall, & Chinn 
Tunnel in the Sky
Cameron Pass is a serene gap between the southern end of the Medicine Bow Mountains and the northern end of the Never Summer Range. Trans-mountain water began to stall in 2015 due to a large slow moving landslide and many options were ....
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John Stenmark, PS 
Monitoring the Oldest Datum
For thousands of years, sea level has served as an essential, visible physical standard that affects natural and human processes. But it's not a constant. Rapid, obvious changes in coastal water levels are caused by tides and storms ....
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Larry Trojak 
Putting a Lid On It
Buesing Corporation brings a world of specialty construction experience to projects in and around the Phoenix area, tackling everything from mass excavation to shoring and drilling to installation of solar panels. In that last area, Buesing ....
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Dave Lindell, PS 
Test Yourself: Maximum Distance
Let's say you and another person want to be as far away from each other as possible on this planet. Wherever one was the other would have to be at the antipode of the first, or at opposite ends of a diameter, say, 7,920 miles apart for this problem. If there were three of you desiring maximum ....
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Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM 
Vantage Point: When Threatened, Sue
It isn't uncommon. In fact, it's common enough that it has a special name: SLAPP, or Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. The ploy is for someone with a vested interest in something to sue, or threaten to sue, anyone attempting to oppose that interest. Often, but not always ....
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With an integrated UHF radio and the latest GNSS technology, the Altus APS3G guarantees more uptime and less downtime in the field, while offering superior accuracy, improved performance, 14+ hours of battery life and higher flexibility on-site  no matter the environment.

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feature As Robert Foster says in his Thought Leader, not only are the world's people moving to big cities, but 44 percent live within 150 kilometers of a coast. And more than half of Americans live within 50 miles of a coast. To me, the question is, what to do about climate change? My concern is that we will throw enormous sums of money at the problem only to see that it did no good.

Jason Foose continues with his case examinations. Jason was puzzled by my use of the term wacky when describing the testimony the judge received in the case. To me, not only was it ridiculous that the case made it all the way to the Arkansas Supreme Court, but to listen to all the parties as they sheepishly admitted they had acquiesced in the boundary for decades—until they found out the boundary location was wrong—struck me as wacky.

Rounding out the new issue is a Larry Trojak machine control article. Just as the Native Americans described the transit as the "thing that steals the land," technology is steadily chipping away at our traditional domain. And I also find it wacky that our response to this is "deer in the headlights." Also in this issue is a great Wendy Lathrop installment about our litigious nature, and another Curt Brown voice from the past, this time from 1964. Enjoy!

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Nonresidential Construction Spending Down in September
Topcon Announces Distribution of the New Intel Falcon 8+ System
Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expands Again During Solid Third Quarter
Orbit GT Discounts New UAS Mapping Feature Extraction v17 at UAV Expo
VRMesh V9.3 with Texture Add-on Launches at UAV Expo 2016
Global Mapper LiDAR Module v18 Now Available
Eos Introduces New Photogrammetry Software Optimized for Drones
HERON: The New Real Time Mapping and Tracking Wearable System
SITECO Partners with FARO to Launch the New Road-Scanner Compact
Global Mapper Now Available in Nine Languages
PrecisionPoint Hires 3D Scanning Industry Veteran
EngineerSupply Ranks in the Top 300 of B2B E-Commerce Companies
HYPACK Chooses Ellipse-D Inertial Navigation System for NEXUS 800
3D Laser Mapping Marks 800th Anniversary of King Johns Passing
Woolpert Signs Contract with NOAA to Map U.S. Coastal Regions, Great Lakes
LandWorks Upgrades Web AutoMapper Online Mapping Service
MAPPS, NSPS Announce 2017 National Conference
Arithmetica Appoints point3D as North American Reseller
5th GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Workshop
Thiess Invests in Maptek I-Site Laser Scanner
Tractor on Track to Driverless Future?
Best Practices for Leap Second Event Occurring on 31 December 2016
Construction Input Prices Begin to Trend Higher, ABC Says
RIEGL to Be at the Commercial UAV Show and Commercial UAV Expo
INTERGEO 2016  Smart Geoinformation Shaping the Future
Contractor Confidence Dips in First Half of 2016
Metcam Announces Release of TramBed 2.0 Truck Bed Extension
USIBD Announces v2 of the Level of Accuracy Specification
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