Table of Contents - The American Surveyor - Vol.14, No9 2017

Marc Cheves, PS
Editorial: Narratives
A surveyor’s report or narrative provides benefit to society and future surveyors.
By Marc Cheves, PS

Jason E. Foose, PS
Decided Guidance: Froscher v. Fuchs
"The (defendant’s) surveyor was unable to point to, any authority for this proration but stated…he felt that it was the fair thing to do."
By Jason E. Foose, PS

Carl Clinton, PS
Writing a Good Narrative
The land surveyor’s time machine can benefit clients, attorneys and future footstep-following surveyors.
By Carl Clinton, PS

Fulvio Bernardini
A Well-Planned Success
By introducing a scanner and software, a French firm was able to provide detailed products with short delivery times.
Fulvio Bernardini
Patrick C. Garner, PS
Product Review: JAVAD Triumph-LS Rover - A Technical Review, Part 2
In this installment, a Massachusetts surveyor examines the software that makes the Triumph-LS work.
By Patrick Garner

Will Tompkinson
Polaris Shows the Way
Surveyors should examine not only equipment cost, but also leveraging workflow with terrestrial laser scanning.
By Will Tompkinson

Dave Lindell, PS
Test Yourself 44: The Medians are the Message
Exercising geometry and trigonometry skills.
By Dave Lindell, PS

Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM
Vantage Point: What’s in a Name?
A mere verbal claim to be a practitioner is sufficient to violate many state’s rules about who can use certain words to describe themselves.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM